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Flagler County Sheriff's Office to bill convicts for investigative costs

Flagler County Sheriff's Office to bill convicts for investigative costs


Crime doesn't pay, especially not for suspects in Flagler County. What do you think about this new policy?

Officials from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office recently announced that they will start charging criminals for the costs the department accrues while investigating a crime.

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31 minutes ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We're back at our place against Detroit. atmlb.com/2G21FCq ...

Were back at our place against Detroit. http://atmlb.com/2G21FCq


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That's almost a starting lineup For 2018

What state will that be in?

Archer you got this!Let's go Rays you got this!

Go Rays ,

Let's Go Rays!

A starting lineup,nice. Get busy

: yawn :

Nice lineup

14 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Brad Miller didn't look like he missed a beat. ...


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Bad news Rays fans ,if you like basketball gators just lost to Texas tech ,so they are out with Miami ,only Seminoles ,left ,they play tomorrow ,

Brad will be a solid player all year if he’s healthy.

He'll be traded within 2 seasons

If he stays healthy he can be just like in 2016. One of the best power infielders around

Way to go Brad!!!! We have been waiting for You!!!

Just imagine how good he'd be if he wore gloves

It's Miller time

Hope he stays this consistent this season. Great guy!

He could be the best hitter on the team barring injury.

he got the tools and the talent

Great! Next one at home into The Landing⚾️

Way to go Brad !

Lance Nighthawk Womack

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Happy St. Patrick's Day #NorthMiamiBeach! Wear your green today and make sure to take your photo with #Totor at City Hall. 🐶🍀 #IamNMB ...

Happy St. Patricks Day #NorthMiamiBeach! Wear your green today and make sure to take  your photo with #Totor at City Hall. 🐶🍀 #IamNMB

The North Miami Beach Police Department is on the scene of live power lines down in the area of NE 35 Avenue and 163rd Street. We are working with FPL Connect to resolve the issue. Please monitor for further. ...


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The traffic lights on NE 164 Street and NE 163 Street are still out along with the power to the residents in Eastern Shores. Vehicular and foot traffic is now open. Units are working on placing stop signs at the intersections.

FPL Connect advised its going to be 3 hours before the traffic lights will be operational again.

17 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

No luck for us today. Brad Miller had two doubles in his first game back from injury. atmlb.com/2u1kTmQ ...

No luck for us today. Brad Miller had two doubles in his first game back from injury. http://atmlb.com/2u1kTmQ


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And they want a New Stadium, and expect to fill it with what amounts to a minor league team Won't work, and that is the problem!! They could fill The Trop with a winning Team. Nobody buys tickets to a losing team. Not Rocket Science!

Miller, Pruitt, Coats had a good day.

When you have more hits, less errors, and still lose the game...I know it's Spring Training and all, but this has happened too many times and should be cause for some alarm.

: yawn :

At least we're consistent

At least Miller had two hits ,after the time off ,


Highlights Rays 3 vs Red Sox 4 Wong 2-5 2 RBI Miller 2-3 2 DBL, RUN (photo) Johnson 1-3 RUN Coats 3-4 DBL, RUN, RBI Pruitt 2 H, 0 R, 2 K 3 IP Venters and Bird scoreless Kittredge 1 BB, HR 2 IP Stanek (BS) 2 H, 3 R, 1 BB

Tomorrow is a new day! Go RAYS! Ignore the trolls!

Good to see him back! Go Rays💙⚾️


Good try, we even out hit them!

You mean he's finally playing?

Get them next time!!!!

Listen Linda

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Is this the smartphone you need to cure your smartphone addiction?



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Ugh...just go back to driving 90's era vehicles and using old TVs. Stop halting the progress of tech because it makes you feel old

I think this is a great idea for pre-teens and teens

Marshall Powell

Austin Heath Hatfield

20 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Only 1 hand needed by Keelan Cole for the top catch of the 2017 season. ...


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Y'all act like bortles is complete trash.. 2017 mighy be the first time he's had a team behind him. Still didn't have og t.e's. Practically new receeving core.. A line that still struggled to make holes for a run game...

Another reason why it's imperative that we get a competent QB! Had any of the DBs been closer to Cole, he could've been injured with a big hit. Great catch!

With Lee, Cole, Westbrook, Moncrief and possibly Hurns... we'll be alright at receiver without A-Rob. Especially if ASJ can contribute at TE.

Terrible throw (as always). Our receivers working hard to win, despite Bortles.

I hater Bortles... Great catch cole!!! I can't believe we resigned this trashy behind quarterback....

This is way we don't need arob we need a qb

Terrible throw by Bortles, great catch by Cole!

This is exactly what any QB needs a WR that makes plays, not every throw is going to be on target. WR need to make the hard catches too!

He threw it there because Cole was supposed to find the soft spot in the zone and stop in it. This is the chemistry that will be built upon this season. Guarantee Bortles improved even more.

Eric Nelson looked like me and you 😀

You need 3 more like him to catch our QB passes. Maybe then we can go to the super bowl.

Lets see alot more of that next season. Go Jags.

Cole could have a big year this year. He was Pretty clutch in the playoffs

Nick, in case u forgot bout our boi Keelan! 😏

Sitting there at the game watching this, you heard it hit his hand. Good thing nobody was around because he was fully exposed to get rocked. Great catch either way

#KWCPANTHERS #84COLE #JAGUARS Owensboro KY is proud of you!!!!

I really like how he did last year, looking forward to another great year

Is it September yet

I wish we had Sexton back, Frangie is awful. Guy is a joke.

Cole We Gonna Need You This Year

Same number as Antonio Brown 🤔

lets go jags

love 84!

Ed Last mate, I went maaaad

Der Mann ist ne Waffe! Andrew White

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22 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

It's all coming together for 2018. ...

Its all coming together for 2018.


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He is a BIG upgrade at the TE position compared to Ben Koyak, and O'Shaunacy. I'm thinking he has a Career best season.

How great would this offense be if we had a competent QB!!!!!!!

We still need more help at WR.

This guy has a lot of potential. Could end up being a great signing.

Oh no, no no no.......send him back to the Jets please.

I wish this guy the best of luck. But I hope this doesn't mean that Jacksonville is not going to draft a tight end.

As long as he doesn't get anymore DUIs

You better believe it. Don't bring anything less than your best to this organization, and us, fans. #DTWD #DUUUVAL #2019NFLCHAMPS

The man runs bail out routes... we need this in the offense... should be a good addition.

50 catches for 350 yards and 3 tds ain't gonna cut it though.

I sure hope so !

Toren Vanderhorst

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23 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Jorge Cantú

Cantú played parts of four seasons with us beginning in 2004. He slugged a career-high .497 and drove in 117 runs during the ’05 campaign. atmlb.com/2IyLMS2

Jorge Cantú

Cantú played parts of four seasons with us beginning in 2004. He slugged a career-high .497 and drove in 117 runs during the ’05 campaign. http://atmlb.com/2IyLMS2


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He'll be traded next week, for a bag of Doritos and 3 minor leaguers to be named later

Seems like many of the numbers being run out in this ad series are players we no longer have. Sad.

another top pick for the Rays, hey Kieth are you going to make the drive to Ebor ? lol

: yawn :

He left his heart on the field every game.

Cantu cando!! Ah, memories of Devil Rays past.

His American family was very kind and introduced him to my son and he autographed his Cantu shirt.

I remember him had a farm in Mexico ,full of rattlesnakes he said they have to keep them away from the cattle ,

A Ray who played above his actual skill level – gutsy guy, enjoyable to watch.

He did well.

I was there when he hit two homers in one inning.

Always loved to watch him play he was my favorite player at that time.

Jorge Can Too?

Miss Jorge Cantu 🙁

Cantu! Great memories

Rocco Iervasi Jr.


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