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Family 'hurt' after murder charge dismissed in man's fentanyl overdose death

Family 'hurt' after murder charge dismissed in man's fentanyl overdose death


Do you think the man who sold a fatal dose of fentanyl to Alfonso Pagan should be charged with murder?

The family of a fatal overdose victim is speaking out after a murder charge was dismissed against an alleged drug dealer.

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The service offers customers free expedited shipping, music and movie streaming, along with a bunch of other lesser-known programs. https://t.co/HpppAZdGXx

The video showed the new mom, clad in a gold two-piece swimsuit, strutting the catwalk as she fed her five-month old daughter, Aria. https://t.co/Z5OVVjL7kh

Another Saharan air mass arrives Tuesday and sticks around much of the rest of the week in South Florida, limiting thunderstorm activity.

A South Florida teen died after she took one bite of a Chips Ahoy cookie with peanut butter, and now her mother is calling for the company to make distinguishable packaging for cookies with allergens. https://t.co/evXolxCpqY

GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives called the second-quarter showing "a near-term gut punch" to Netflix. https://t.co/oX4LfFIgCh

About 170 families will be relocated from Tampa Park Apartments after HUD said they will no longer subsidize rent for residents. The apartments just failed the 4th inspection in a row @BN9

Tonight at #11pm on @nbc6 more on this mother’s Facebook post that has been shared thousands of times. She says her daughter died after eating a cookie with peanut butter in it.

Investigators said the vehicles all appeared to have been damaged by blunt objects. The damage appeared similar to what a baseball bat or bricks might have caused.
https://t.co/QjzR4Nx2WH by @Laurie_Davison

For at least the next week or two, Miami's minimum daily temperatures are expected to be near 80°. There's a clear trend over the last half-century for increased cooling demand here in South Florida, and nights like these certainly highlight it. #climate

Universal Orlando's Michael Aiello talks about the new Cinematic Celebration lagoon show and what guests can expect to see

“This officer not only violated the law, he violated the Department’s core values. We stand willing to work collaboratively with our law enforcement partners to ensure they have everything they need to aid them in this investigation.”
https://t.co/QGQ1311zCh by @JoshRojasBN9

An @nbc6 affiliated chopper recorded video of this big #funnel cloud over western Miramar or Pembroke Pines at the edge of the Everglades this afternoon around 5:30 PM. As big as it was, it was thankfully short lived and never touched ground. @NWSMiami @EricBlake12

It dissipated quickly, but was quite large for a short while. We've got impressive chopper video of this funnel on @nbc6 coming up on the 6 o'clock news. @NWSMiami https://t.co/6xSwps07zS

"Real Housewives of New York" star check back into rehab https://t.co/gTqCw7tQCZ

. @MiamiDolphins players, alumni and staff distribute meals to residents of Crystal Lake Apartments who were displaced after a July 12 fire. @nbc6 #MiamiGardens

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