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EXCLUSIVE: Where Disney character topiaries get final touches

EXCLUSIVE: Where Disney character topiaries get final touches


Looking forward to Epcot's International Flower & Garden Festival? Our very own Allison Walker Torres got an exclusive look at the 5-acre Walt Disney World Nursery, where all the magic happens.

Spectrum News 13 got exclusive access to where Disney topiaries live when not appearing in Epcot International Flower and Garden Fest.

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FMPD Chief Diggs talks about the police officer shooting. Read more: newspr.es/2uF8hzG ...


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Sending prayers!!!





Prayers for Officer, glad POS suspect is in custody !!

Hope the officer will be ok.Prayers to him and family.

Sending prayers to the fallen officer’s family.

Thoughts and Prayers for the Officer and Family

Do I have to watch to figure out what's so funny

Prayers for the officer and family

Sending prayers to all the familys

Prayers for the police officer!

Praying for a full recovery!

Praying for the officer



Prayers for all involved!!

Praying for our guys...




Wth is so funny.



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Breaking News: A Fort Myers police officer was shot near the Marathon gas station on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Fort Myers. Get latest updates: newspr.es/2uF8hzG ...


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They said the Officer is in surgery

Who said he is in surgery

Prayers for the Officer 👮 for fast recovery

These police shootings has to stop

Praying for all members of the FMPD.

Prayers for the officer and family and fellow officers 🙏🙏🙏

Nbc said the officer is in surgery

Best wishes for that officer in surgery

Thoughts, prayers, and all the luck 🙏🤞🙏

Oh my. Praying for the officer and family.

Prayers for this officer medical staff and family.

Prayers officer and family.

Wow i was just telling my neighbor i heard shots wow crazy praying for all

What's going on?

Prayers 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 please let him survive lord

Prayers for the police officer

Praying for the officer,

Hope that officer is ok 🙏🏾

Prayers for the officer

Any word on the officer?

Next to the flea market

Praying for the officer !!

Praying for the officer.

Prayers for the officer

Praying for this officer

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12 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Number 50 returned a fumble 50 yards for a touchdown against the Steelers.

Only Telvin Smith days until kickoff!


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Hope you curbed the kneeling bs this year

The Heartbeat of this Team bar none

Tom Crowden remember when we won the AFC south and north last year? I bet Pittsburgh remembers 😂😂 Chris Davis

In 6 days post the Myles Jack fumble recovery .. you know the one they blew the whistle early on keeping the Jags from sealing a trip to the SB

Holla at me when you actually make it past the AFC champ game

Aundrell Johnson look we keep doing that

Jersey number 50, runs for 50 yards, and only 50 days to go. What a coincidence!

That Sunday hop was the most blessed Sunday hop of all Sunday hops! Change my mind.

I got my official Jaguars Polo for my birthday on Wednesday!! I am so ready!! Whoohoo!!

He been doing stuff like that FSU gang telvin smith 💪🏾 jags nation

Oops ! There he is. Knockout artist #50. "GO JAGS"

And so did 44..... but you know refs and pats stick together lmao

We stomped PICKSburgh!!


Never forget Jennifer Hobba Jaso 😂😂😜😜

Jeff Fricker

Jonathan Gabriel Ross Love

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14 hours ago

The Florida Panthers

How do you feel about Bush Campers?

Panthers prospects talk Fortnite and it's pretty wonderful. 😹


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Riley Stillman? Any relation to Cory?! Lol

Fortnite is a game for pre teens. The colour palette and overall design is proof of that.

Waiting for one of them to say: "Boys play Fortnite. Real men play PUBG."

Connor lol wow

Pubg 100x > fortnite

Fortnite is lame as fk.

Back in his hometown, Barry Church returned an interception 51 yards for a touchdown.

Only 51 days until kickoff!


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Not to take away from the interception, but did you see how the Olineman was holding Fowler around the neck. Fowler almost got a piece of it before Ben threw it.

"The day the Jacksonville Jaguars' D broke Big Ben." #Jaguars

HOW THE HELL ARE YOU NOT SAYING, "POZ" DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF!? Would have been a nice gesture!!

Y'all feel y'all done I want watch no games this year

Angel Perez Ryan Kennedy LK Perez never forget hahahaahha

Kera; I was there; It happened right in front of me😀🏈🐾


We all can’t wait for Football Season to start!!!

I’ve been counting down since January!!

🎤Take me to Church🎤


Church on Sunday 💯💪

Get ready


Great play!

Let’s go🏈

Look Aundrell Johnson yes again this year


Jamaica Long 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

All ramsy

Kyle Brown Tracy Michelle Casarrubias Jeffrey Brown

Benjamin Robert Jake Gibbons

Evan Aull

Bradley Basich Jim Ridinger

Rose Baskin

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Whether he's relaxing by the pool or hanging with Jared McCann, Reims loves living in South Florida.

My Weekend in South Florida: James Reimer » bit.ly/ReimerSoFla18


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Psst, Reims... you were supposed to plug Tijuana Flats. Shhh.

What are the possibilities of the Florida Panthers acquiring Tyler Sequin?

Every experience is better with friends, including Florida Panthers hockey.

Explore group experiences today » bit.ly/FlaPanthersGroups1819

SPECIAL EVENT TOMORROW! - In recognition of Latino Conservation Week, Everglades National Park is partnering with the Hispanic Access Foundation and the Latino Heritage Internship Program to offer a special wet walk in English and Spanish on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM! $25 per vehicle park entrance fees apply. Check out the flyer for more details.

Latino Conservation Week is taking place from July 14 - July 22, 2018 and national parks all over the country are participating!

Hope to see you there!

SPECIAL EVENT TOMORROW! - In recognition of Latino Conservation Week, Everglades National Park is partnering with the Hispanic Access Foundation and the Latino Heritage Internship Program to offer a special wet walk in English and Spanish on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM! $25 per vehicle park entrance fees apply. Check out the flyer for more details.

Latino Conservation Week is taking place from July 14 - July 22, 2018 and national parks all over the country are participating!

Hope to see you there!

Back to work for Blake ⛵️ ...


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Dear Shahid Khan and the entire Jaguars front office, My wife and I have been Jaguars fans from day one. We even took the bus to the original Hall of Fame game against the Carolina Panthers where Steve Beuerlein was the QB. We've traveled with the team a number of times over the years, and bought every scrap of merchandise that you can imagine. The den is our "Jaguar Room." I was featured on the Coggin "Punt, Pass, and Kick, Win a Car" commercial for 6 years. Our history with the Jags goes deep! We sat down and figured it out, and over the course of 22 years we've spent over $40,000 on the Jags when you count tickets, merchandise, etc.. And we loved EVERY minute of it--win or lose, and we usually lost.. And then the Jaguars behaved in a disgusting and REVOLTING way in London last year, for all the world to see. We boycotted the Jags entirely last year. No games, no TV...nothing. Ditto for my sister. We are willing and eager to give the Jaguars another shot this year. All 3 of us would love nothing more than a return to rabid "fandom", if that's even a word? And in case you really care, here are our conditions... 1.) All Jaguars players will be ON THE FIELD for the national anthem. No disrespect at all, whatsoever. 2.) No Jaguars staying in the locker room for the Anthem, thereby showing disrespect for America. If they start coming out of the lockers AFTER the National Anthem, we will know it. My family is a family of NFL football FANATICS, from back in the days of the old Purple People Eaters in Minnesota! That's 50+ years. And with the exception of my dear deceased mother, we're all veterans and FIERCE patriots. We love our Jaguars, and we love our country! And when a bunch of young football players DISRESPECTS my beloved country--and that's exactly what they did--they will lose, and America prevails. On the off-chance that people like my family are more than a "loss" that's been figured on your financial ledger, we're giving the Jaguars another chance. I await your reply. Respectfully Yours, Morgan H. Orlins Ponte Vedra Beach

guys stop with the BB5 nickname, ure forcing it, it's not working

No more drinking!! N hopefully no more pick 6s!!

Go get ‘em Blake!

Go BB5 & Go Jaguars! Super Bowl LIII here we come baby!

his name is not Blake Boatles Round these parts we call him Blake Goatles Vinny Caravello Shane Simmons

Love the work being put in!!! Hoping he has an even better year!!! Seems MUCH more focused this year!! #GoJags # DTWD

Jacksonville are you ready for some football hell yeah Jaguars, Jaguars, !DUUUUUUVAL!

That's my QuarterBack!!!!

Blake Goatles

He’s gonna have a break out year

See how he held the door open for the camera guy following him? Such a nice young man. No one holds a door open like Blake.

Jag fan always, however first sign of protest you are freakin done That includes the England game

Keep him off Beach Blvd on Saturdays before a game!!

We lived in Jax when the Jaguars first began when we were a young military family!!!! Still 💕 ❤️ love you guys and always will and will always be fans!!! !



Need to see the December Blake all season.

I love my Jags, no matter what! Gonna be a fun year.

He looks good. I see he's been laying off the tacos and Bud Light this off season.

I've always believed in BB5! This truly will be his year. Blake Bortles will be a top 5 NFL QB this year! Go Jaguars!

Thats my QB

Well, I hope they have a good year!

Hoping for the season I know you can have. Believe in you. 🏈

Stay steady and consistent, Blake!

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5 guys with one objective - protect Blake Bortles.

Learn how the offensive line picks up all the potential pass rushers in a 5 man protection.


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Under the new head coach, the offensive line actually acts like one. Before him, Bortles spent so much time on his back that Mattress One wanted Blake as a spokesperson.

Love kole feed the boi

SuperBowl or Bust

It our time for a SUPERBOWL !

Jags in beast mode

Well you win some and you lose some

Good play

Shut up. Just shut up.

You mean tmi!

To much info.

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