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Editorial: Redner’s court win on medical marijuana sends message

Editorial: Redner’s court win on medical marijuana sends message


Joe Redner can't grow his own pot (yet), but the Times editorial board writes that his win in court last week marks important progress for medical marijuana in Florida.

Florida regulators have done far too little to make voter-approved medical marijuana widely available for patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

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8 minutes ago

ABC7 Southwest Florida

After 7 seasons, how will it all end? The final Scandal, EVER! TONIGHT! #TGIT ...

1 hour ago

Miami Dolphins

Historically modern.



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Kinda had goosebumps seeing Tannehill in uniform again. I really hope he proves the haters wrong this year or well everyone wrong. All he’s got is haters 😂

Waited that long for nothing

I like the Uniforms just now to put a dolphin in the logo instead of a 🐋

Ditch the teal, bring back the aqua.

You messed up again. Just use the old ones. Phins can't do anything right.

Thank You Miami Dolphins. Now I just need to pick my player. 🤔

Is this like one of those games that you have to look at two pictures and tell what is different? I don't really see much of a change? More orange around the numbers? How about the Fins make a change we can all appreciate and notice and get rid of Tannenbaum before he screws up another draft.

These are better than before, but the new logo still sucks...go back to the old one.

I was so ready to hate it, but honestly it’s great. Super subtle changes but works better than the last ones. Now if we can only work on that logo

The logo still sucks. Bring back our logo!

Definite improvement. Wish they had a different logo, but this is the best choice without going full throwback.

these are soooo much better with the aqua and using more orange as secondary color and getting rid of the blue almost altogether.

It's my birthday and I waited all day to see these new uniforms. More of a throwback. Wished they had a Aqua face mask

Love, love these! An absolutely GREAT mix between our roots and modern styling. Simple, super clean, lots more orange. I will always love our throwback uniforms and logo, but these are very well done. Newer logo and all! Most importantly, GO DOLPHINS!

Now that's better. The orange trim always made the white and aqua look better and this brings us back to that

Can’t wait to see the player from the 36th round putting a jersey on that we got for Landry

Nike: In 2018, it'll cost you an additional $3.00 per jersey for a 3rd accent color. Ross: No thank you. We'll tell the fans it's a throwback. They'll buy it and more apparel.

Let's go get pumped up I am ready for this year season I think we would do good look out for the dolphins

Well it’s a step in the right direction. Can we now take the sardine off the side of the helmet and put a porpoise 🐬 back in their ?????

“SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” these are much better

I like the updates. All we need now is to go back to one of the older logos.

It's like putting a cherry on top of a turd sundae. When will you idiots in Davie will figure it out?! These uniforms blows a whale's dork! #TheCurseofJoeRobbieLingers

bring back the old uniforms

get rid of the whale logo and i can live with the uni s but just go back to the old retros its not that hard

these look great... idk why people are crying about them.

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3 hours ago

AARP Florida

Last weekend we were lucky enough to help honor veterans (and new service inductees) of Pinellas County. Big thanks to Veterans Of South Pinellas County Inc.! ...

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