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D-backs pitcher credits Trump with helping him meet his wife

D-backs pitcher credits Trump with helping him meet his wife


THANKS, TRUMP: “He’ll always be a good friend. I’m able to tell my kids that the president of the United States introduced their mom and dad,” Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Clay Buchholz said.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Clay Buchholz may keep his support for President Trump quiet, but he has a lot to thank him for. Buchholz, 33, revealed Wednesday that he credits Trump for giving him the opportunity to meet the woman he would eventually marry and have three children with.

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21 hours ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

The Tampa Bay Rays have thrived when playing at home, and that's a good thing, because 15 of their next 19 games are at The Trop. Janelle Johnston covers that and more in Covering the Bases.

#TampaBayRays #MLB

24 hours ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

In our first episode of Covering the Bases, Janelle Johnston has everything you need to be on the lookout for as the Miami Marlins get back on the field Friday night after the All-Star break.

#MiamiMarlins #MLB


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Nice job Nelly!

Wow! Beautiful! Awesome Voice:) Congratulations Janelle😇

A star is born!,

Looking great Nelly. So proud

Okay Janelle!!


good job. !

go Nelly..proud of you

Great broadcast

2 days ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

Not every glove is created equal. Our third installment of Miami Marlins Baseball 101 with former Marlin Gaby Sanchez and our very own host / reporter Kelly Saco takes an in-depth look at the leather. ...


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Please give us more NY Yankee games! Feeling lost down here!

I had wondered what happened to Gaby Sanchez. I am originally from Miami and we used to watch him play .

Nelson for Ale to watch

Los M tienen una tienda de peloteros

2 days ago

Clearwater Beach Florida

Trivia Question......where in Clearwater beach was this stunningly good to drool over pic taken. People are surprised when they find out.... ...

Trivia Question......where in Clearwater beach was this stunningly good to drool over pic taken.  People are surprised when they find out....


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All of you who said Sand Key are correct. It was a perfect day.

Does it really rain almost everyday in clearwater? Planning a family vacation in august.

The whitest sand you will ever see on any beach 🏖.

Def. Sand Key!! Beautiful. So glad I live in gorgeous Clearwater!!😍😎

Sand Key... right around where Landmark Towers is.. +/- a building or two...

Sand Key... would move from UK to live here💗

I love Clearwater Beach. It’s why I follow it. When I saw this post though my heart skipped a beat. I thought it was a snow post by someplace I also follow. Yes. From now until December I will look forward to snow. December until March I will enjoy it. Believe it or not. Now back to being jealous of all of you that live within 20 minutes of what this picture really is of, my other heaven on earth.

I’m thinking an abandoned island... cause they’re missing about 10 million people and all the blue umbrellas cluttering the beach 😂😂😂 Kimn Gabby

It always is in sand key💗💗 my favorite place Hope to live there one day god blessing🙏🙏

Sand Key! Gorgeous beach, beautiful white sand :-)

Clearwater Beach Florida, I used to have a condo at South Beach. I love it there! Peaceful & clean. There’s no sand better than Clearwater!😍

Paradise !! Clearwater Beach has sugar white sand. It is the most beautiful place I have seen or ever been. Can’t wait to return for another magnificent vacation.

North Clearwater Beach maybe.

Sand Key, Looking North towards Clearwater Beach in the far distance!

Sand key!!!

Sand Key, can see the Crescent Beach Club in the upper right side

It's so nice too see no thrash on the beach ! 👍👍👍

Outside Dans Island and up from the Cabanna Club and Finalie

Sand Key

Sand Key - South Beach III area!

Sand Key. Amazing....Just got back. What a difference.

Sand key just south of crescent beach club

Most boring beach in the area

There are more people on the Moon

I was thinking Sand Key also

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2 days ago

Miami Marlins

J.T. Realmuto has a 1.000 OBP in #AllStarGame appearances. ...


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Are you KIDDING me?!? The only Marlin on the roster and he gets walked twice...and you CELEBRATE that?!? The ONLY reason ANY Marlin made the cut is that the manager HAD to pick at least one player from EVERY team. Otherwise, the Marlins, Mets and Orioles would all be snubbed. You guys are working TOO hard trying to find a flower in the compost heap that is the Marlins' 2018 season! You want us to be happy for the Fish? On Closing Day, have Derek Jeter take catches from the players...and deny him a glove...or a mask...or a helmet...or a cup...I'm saying tie Jeter to a plank and have the team hurl beanballs at him until he passes out! #SCREWYOUJETER!!!!!

kid cudi he chapple luda real combo humboldt jumped all the original tricks for wnating the dream b4l real combo humboldt a lil bear or would be a lil bear going agaisnt the nba and nfl

Por que se mortifican con lo q no tiene remedio, pasen la pagina y enfrenten la realidad, no es hora de lamentos, es hora de apoyar a estos muchachos q pese a todas las dificultades y todo lo que tienen en contra estan luchando, estan trabajando duro para q nosotros los fanaticos sintamos orgullos de ellos, si ellos estan luchando como lo estan haciendo al menos seamos positivos y optimistas y que les llegue la vibra de todos nosotros. PASEN LA PAGINA. TURN OVER THE PAGE. ARRIBA MIS MARLINS.

And a ave of .000

2 walks, was apart of running the bases for a home run the Cincinnati player hit. Catched for about 4-5 innings. Very good 1st all star game indeed

No he doesn't. He doesn't have an average! 2 walks means 0 at bats. Hello?

Astros need to go after this guy!!

Good eye J.T.! Have a great time and great memories. ⚾️

2 QABs. Good work.

look at the marlin man in the front

Eye of a hawk and let’s not forget that thanks to him we got the tying run at the plate on the 9th inning and then tied it.

What a good eye!!

Glad he was smart about it .

Has 0 ABs!!!

The real mutant.

some GREAT at bats!


eso se yama disiplina

Tim Shankwitz Aron Stark highlight of the Marlins season right here

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3 days ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

A pretty special moment ahead of the #AllStarGame tonight on FOX: The Buffalo gets a warm welcome from the fans at Nationals Park!

#TampaBayRays #MLB


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Samuel Haskins

Watch Live: American League All-Star Team vs National League All-Star Team - MLB All-Star Game 2018 in Free HD Live Stream without Pop-up ads Here>>> Today Sportz World

He might be going back there... 😢

3 days ago

Miami Marlins

All leading up to the #AllStarGame.



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Please trade JT to Wash already thx

Love to see him stay but we are the farm system for the MLB

And Stanton didn't even make it what a joke

BEst catcher in mlb

That was so cool... that starting thing you guys just did. Thank you. Amen -Us- 🎩❤️

I hope he get to play today

What an athlete is JT I hope they don’t trade him.

JT is the ⭐of Miami Marlins

Amanzing team miami

3 days ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Taylor Raddysh is mic'd up for a high-intensity scrimmage at Bolts Development Camp.

#TampaBayLightning #NHL

You can't say we don't give good advice on this page! Have you ever made an excuse to go to the beach (we won't tell anyone) :) ...

You cant say we dont give good advice on this page!   Have you ever made an excuse to go to the beach (we wont tell anyone)  :)


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One of life's great places To visit ..

One of Life's great places To visit

Bahahaha good one

Looks more like Bali... 😄


Irene....heads up for tomorrow!!

Good one

It was like that when I was there, too.

Love. Love

Too funny

April Taylor Davis

Pam Shipley

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3 days ago

FOX Sports Florida / FOX Sports Sun

Former MLB player and Tampa Bay Rays analyst Orestes Destrade details proper tee batting mechanics.

#TampaBayRays #MLB

3 days ago

Miami Marlins

When your birthday is less than 24 hours away. ...


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Derek, blink twice if youre being held captive by this dumpster fire organization and forced to film awkward social media clips

This is the most awkward thinig ive ever seen

This is equivalent to our performance on the field lol i miss our old teal glory days

Don't quit your day job.

The cry baby from Georgia Tech..this is the only guy i want to see traded.

It’s my boyfriend omg! 😍😍😍😍😍 hhahahaha

Wyatt Zeller woa Meat-tritch might be on bath salts but I’m kinda of ok with it

bro.. this is mad embarrassing. Please stop for the love of god.

Should be juggling at the same time or are you getting too old? lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Love that man!!!

OMG! Haha

Have a Happy Birthday


Amazing!!! LOL

Fliptheez Theez you already know what I'm going to say!

Peter Steinberg we’re having fun!

Mike Biana lol

Rafael Rodriguez Jessica Rodriguez 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

Averie Etzbach

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4 days ago

Miami Marlins

Reporting for All-Star duties. 👋



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Better get used to him wearing those colors. He'll be playing in DC very soon


Congratulations! Have FUN! ⚾️

Good work. Well deserved. Have fun

Baby and All Stars What more can he ask for He deserves it

Definitely a worthy All 🌟

Congrats J.T. what a great week. New father, and all star, great double play! (Also made me the owner of an “all star” bobble head!). 🙂

Congratulations JT on your new baby girl and being an All-Star

You deserve this. Have fun!

Go JT!!!! We love you!!!

Well deserved, even though he got snubbed for starter role

Looks like you made a good choice picking baseball over wrestling

Oh look hes in a Nationals uniform, his future team!

Congrats JT!

Man I gonna miss him.



Have a blast!!

Congratulations, J.T. 🎉 We are very happy for you! And congrats to you and Lexi on your sweet baby girl. 😊

Go get um JT!⚾️⚾️

Congratulations JT on new baby daughter and being an Allstar.

so when do we trade him

Woo-hoo, J.t. Realmuto! #allstar #hometownhero

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4 days ago

Miami Marlins

An unforgettable experience for Marlins prospect Jorge Guzman.



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Hire Matheny.


Send Jeter back to NY

Class act!

Good luck!!!

Alberto Herrera el futuro de los marlins

4 days ago

Miami Marlins

This week in Marlins baseball… ...


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How's the attendance been ? Last I heard they were getting 6.000 a game

No one cares

7 days ago

Clearwater Beach Florida

A round cloud........It's hot down here but in a good way, A tropical, tanning, eating and drinking Friday way. Why don't you come and enjoy? ...

A round cloud........Its hot down here but in a good way, A tropical, tanning, eating and drinking Friday way.  Why dont you come and enjoy?Image attachmentImage attachment


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Had to move away 6.5 years ago and miss it so much! Will be back in just under 2 years!

Planning our trip to Clearwater !


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