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Car thief calls owner for help in starting vehicle

Car thief calls owner for help in starting vehicle


ARE YOU KIDDING??? A man who stole a woman's car actually called her to get help after he couldn't restart it.

A thief who had trouble restarting the car he had just stolen actually called the vehicle's owner for help.

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35 minutes ago

Miami Dolphins

The uniforms are here and we have the first look on #DolphinsDaily. ...


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New-old uniform, same sh*tty franchise

Carmel Patricia. Kathy Moo Payne

Pamela Schaffner

2 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

Your 2018 schedule has arrived. ...

Your 2018 schedule has arrived.


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The Dolphins have the worst fan base in sports. This team went to the playoffs 2 years ago with a healthy Tannehill. They have gotten better thru free agency and will get a baller at #11 in the draft. The negativity of this fan base is embarrassing. Please move over to the Jags and let real fans root for them.

Tannehill did not lead the Dolphins to the playoffs two seasons ago. He only had two great games the whole season. Special Teams and teams the running game won most of our games. Tannehill sucks. 6 years too late. The definition of white privilege in the NFL. Screw what yall say. Dolphins 4-12 this year. Gotta go to Green Bay and see that game though.

As long as there is disrespect for our national anthem, I will not watch NFL again. Let's see what happens!

As long as they respect our National Anthem I will look forward to watching them play. I missed all of last year, first time in 40 yrs I did not watch any NFL games!!

See what happens when you screw up 4 prime time games " last year " you get a measly 1 Thursday night clunker the following year!!!

Traveling from Michigan to the lions game! I’ll be the only one in my group rooting on the dolphins!!! 🐬

Dolphins go 4-12 this season. I called it at 6-10 last season and was right on. Yet another right on prediction coming up

If our team wasn't a bunch of complete bums the schedule would be easy set Green Bay and we split with the Patriots every year we won't even go 500

Am I the only one optimistic seeing this schedule compared to other years, looks like I’ll be going to last game of the season at the bills from Toronto 😊

Fins will make the playoffs this year. Tannehill will last all year. If I'm wrong, you can have my first born child.......when he gets out of prison.

One Thursday Night Game!!!! How embarrassing!!!! I remember a time when I did not need the Sunday Ticket to see many of your games. The Dolphins seemed to be on Monday night at least once a month and were an annual fixture in the playoffs. Seemed so long ago, oh yea it was!!! Mr. Ross its time to sell the team, but I cannot completely blame you the downward slide started with Mr. Huizenga. Maybe we bring back any Shula and can get back to being a dominate franchise.

Super excited to see Chicago on the schedule because my dad has season bears tickets, then I realized they’re playing in Miami 🤦‍♀️

Easiest schedule we've had in a few years. Hope we take advantage of it and get enough wins to get into the playoffs.

Tennessee and Oakland at home again this year just like last year? Did they expand the AFC East to 6 teams??

This is a very hard schedule for a mediocre team. We need to start off hot in order to have a chance down the stretch

Is this the list of teams that will beat them 🤷‍♂️

Every year the Tannehill slurpers say “oh this year is the year” how many years does this guy get 10. Gmafb

I have them going 8-8 . I went with my gut feeling and brain rather my heart to arrive at that record.

You guys DO know that every single game and WHERE it will be played (except for two conference games which are determined by your record the previous season) are ALREADY set in stone into perpetuity, right? The only thing unknown is the dates. In other words, if you wanted to look up the Dolphins 2035 schedule—home and away—-you could do that right now. No idea why people are “surprised” by the schedule announcement every year, lol.

Ad Pe... Look when we place Chi-town. Dang it! Two days after I get married. I will be on my honeymoon then. Go figure, just our luck man!

Only live about 3 hours from Indy, and 4 from Cincinnati. So maybe twice I will see them, if they are playing well. If not, I will pick Indy.

I'm glad we only have 1 primetime game, especially after that 40-0 debacle against Baltimore! Give me the traditional 1pm Sunday games! FINS UP!

Another Thursday night road game which translated means another loss. How about The NFL giving us a Thursday home game for a change?

Week 11 bye week - one cold game , should have a strong start !! We’re going to need it with the final 5 games

Can’t wait for the Minnesota game!! #fins up

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2 hours ago

US National Weather Service Jacksonville Florida

A wind advisory will be in effect on Friday and Friday evening for coastal southeast GA and northeast FL. Strong winds can make driving dangerous. Coastal bridges & overpasses may be hazardous to drive over, so use extra caution when driving tomorrow.

Strong high pressure over the Upper Midwest will build southeastward tonight in the wake of a cold front that will cross our area this evening. Northerly winds will develop later this evening and will then shift to northeasterly overnight, with breezy conditions developing after midnight at coastal locations. Windy and much cooler conditions will be develop by sunrise at the coast, where northeasterly winds will be sustained in the 20-25 mph range from around sunrise through the evening hours, with occasional gusts up to 35 mph possible for locations along and east of Interstate 95. Cloudiness will also increase towards dawn on Friday across coastal southeast Georgia and much of northeast and north central Florida, and a much cooler day is expected on Friday for these locations, where temperatures will generally remain steady in the mid to upper 60s. A few light showers may also develop during the afternoon and early evening hours on Friday, mainly for coastal locations to the south of St. Augustine.

3 hours ago

Miami Dolphins



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Why don’t we ever play PIT or CLE?

Wth?! I cant see the times even when i zoom in

Should be able to make the playoffs if our team has improved

Week 11 bye week, 1 cold game , easy start , last 5 are tough !!!! 10-6 !!! Dolphins , Patriots and Bills - 2 will make the playoffs

So much for prime time this year. Week 8 on Thursday. Guess it could be worse.

L/L/L/W/W/L/W/W/W/L/L/L/L/W/L/L 6-10

Okay, December could be a bit rough. Hopefully we're 11-0 heading into it!

Well hopefully no hurricane week 1, Jay Cutler is out, and all games are in the states. I'd say we're already looking better

Next year Mr. Logan, for my birthday. You down?

Hopefully our bye week isn’t cancelled again

7-8 wins tops

Hector Felix se volvieron a salvar de otra chinga tus 49ers

If the team doesn’t suck, this schedule could be very favorable. Optimistically I see them finishing 11-5.

By the looks of the schedule, we should be able to get to the playoffs no problem

I wish I could be as optimistic as some of you guys.

4-5 wins?

I like that the division games are more evenly spaced than last year

We have to take advantage over this schedule. Let’s open hot and finish strong.

At least we get the bye later in the season.

I could see the playoffs if we can start off well and end well.

That’s a horrible pic! 😡😡😡😡

Only one cold weather game? I'll take it...

Yes, sir! Week 11 is in the bag...maybe. 🤔 #FinsUp 🐬

Decent schedule so we shall see

Only two cold games too...

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3 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: 'Vote For Our Lives' rally being held on eve of Columbine school shooting, thanks to efforts by students from Parkland, Florida and throughout Colorado. ...


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Still like and will keep voting for President Trump. He's done more for us in 2 years that has been done in the last administration and then some

We are taking back our country from those thieves, the Republican Party. Big blue wave coming

You Re trying to make Socialist state you MORRns

Thats right, vote out the Demorats

This ferd changes the Trurth you MORANNS

Vote Trump if you care about loife

lol there are 10 people there.

Come November, bye republicans.

2020 Trump

Trump 2020


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4 hours ago

US National Weather Service Jacksonville Florida


4 hours ago

CBS Miami

WATCH LIVE: Celebration of Barbara Bush's life from Houston, Texas. ...


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Prayers to the Bush Family 🙏

I love you Mrs Bush, you'll always be my hero and role model.


Sleeveless T-shirts are a must at these events.

RIP Mrs. Barbara Bush. Fantastic lady.


R . I . P . Mrs Barbara Bush 😥🙏






Ah, yes lets all forget what a condescending racist she was, and the small act that she raised a sociopath that murdered 1.5 million Iraqis.

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5 hours ago

CBS Miami

Miccosukee Resort & Gaming introduces the ultimate gaming experience. The Miccosukee One Rewards Program, something new, for the winner in you.
#MiccosukeeOne #MRG #MiccosukeeResortGaming #Sponsored


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The opposition always leaves out the good part and keeps posting untruths about the campaign donation from the “Russian Oligarch” to Mayor Philip Levine’s campaign. Mr. Blavatnik has also contributed to many of our favorite democrats, too. If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for me. Here’s a few as follows: “And they’ve also donated, in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars ranges, totaling millions, to Democrats, including to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Florida’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. But the Blavatniks and their company did not donate to Trump’s campaign.” floridapolitics.com/archives/255036-scrutiny-emerging-philip-levines-support-floridas-russian-ame...

7 hours ago

US National Weather Service Jacksonville Florida

The spring fire weather forecast has been updated here: www.freshfromflorida.com/Divisions-Offices/Florida-Forest-Service/Wildland-Fire/Fire-Weather/Fire... Generally dry and warm conditions are expected to continue. ...

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