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BSO Deputy Who Failed To Confront Parkland School Shooter Gets $8,702 Monthly Pension

BSO Deputy Who Failed To Confront Parkland School Shooter Gets $8,702 Monthly Pension


BSO deputy Scot Peterson, who failed to stop the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, began receiving his $8,702 monthly pension back in April. What's your take?

A Broward sheriff's deputy who failed to confront a gunman during a February 14 school massacre is receiving a monthly state pension of $8,702.35.

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Not a good beach day in #DaytonaBeach. Red flag flying. @country500 still on though. #Fox35

Better signage needed for Tower Road boat ramp | Our opinion https://t.co/7nabdKQWGF

The @NWSSPC has upgraded the coastal Big Bend to a Slight Risk for severe storms today. This threat will begin later this afternoon and targets the tornado potential associated with #Alberto.

Crews have restored power 💡 to the majority of customers impacted by this outage. About 95 remain without electric service. Crews are completing repairs to get everyone’s power back on. https://t.co/3jHd0oNtSp

Seminole Central: FSU softball to WCWS, baseball to ACCT final https://t.co/UCTHmiL6UA

Crews working to restore outage impacting roughly 1,400 customers cause by wires down on Centerville at Medical. Customers impacted near Goodwood, Trescott, Betton, Colonial, Grape, Pine, Thomasville, Argonne, Buford areas. Crews isolated wire & should be able to restore shortly.

Seminole Central: #FSU advanced to the Women's College World Series with a double-header sweep of LSU last night, baseball eliminated No. 2 seed Clemson to advance to its 4th straight ACC title game, and Track & Field is sending 18 athletes to the NCAAs https://t.co/uaDzglGfud

@NHC_Atlantic's 8AM EDT position update on Subtropical Storm #Alberto. Tropical storm warnings continue along the entire northeast Gulf coast.

"Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

85 years ago today, @Disney released the Silly Symphony, "Three Little Pigs." It won an Academy Award in 1934 for Best Animated Short Film.


Analysis: Eastward shift for Subtropical Storm Alberto; Tallahassee on track for washout https://t.co/W4AdwJXP7B

Sun coming up on #Alberto this morning. @53rdWRS USAF Hurricane Hunters sampling the center now.

Flood watch continues until 8pm Monday for the viewing area...#fox35 #gdo #fox51 #ALBERTO #HEAVYRAIN

Rain amounts/accumulations heading into midweek...East side gets it good! #fox35 #gdo #fox51

Slight risk of severe weather today in Central Florida/Late AM into Afternoon. #fox35 #gdo #fox51 #ALBERTO

14 hours ago

US National Weather Service Jacksonville Florida

Waves of heavy rainfall will impact the local area Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Localized flooding is expected. weather.gov/jax ...

Waves of heavy rainfall will impact the local area Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Localized flooding is expected. weather.gov/jax

14 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Anthony Banda earned his first win with us on a career-high 6.1 IP. ...


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LHP Anthony Banda was optioned back to Durham. A corresponding move will be made tomorrow. Don't go crazy Rays fans, going 6 innings he wouldn't pitch for a bit so they may bring up another fresh arm for the time being, Banda 🐻 will be back.

I didn't like the fire sale either, but if the whiners would fill the stadium they would have enough to keep good players. It's not about making money, but keeping the team in the Tampa Bay area. My wife is and has been a season ticket holder.

They are getting some good young talent

Who cares, both teams are terrible

Way to go ! Rays Up !, keep it going💜⚾️

Should probably trade him and get a middle infield prospect to be named later.

We drove 2 hours to be there today and if this continues we believe...it’s hard with what sternberg does but they do have talent

AND NOW THEY ARE SENDING HIM BACK TO DURHAM... More complete idiocy from Rays management

Smart trades this week. Not sold on this pitching experiment. Burns up options by sending pitchers back and forth to aaa and not in the best interest of the pitchers career. A pitcher conditions himself very differently based on how many pitches he expects to throw on an average day.

Drew this in a pack this week too 🤘

Was at the game today. Very impressed with Stanek and Banda’s pitching. Daniel Robertson looked very good at short. Always fun to watch the Rays when they play like this. Go Rays!!

Good job Banda. Good job Rays. Got the bats going today. Keep up the good work. So sad about Span. I really liked him. He was a calming presence, good leader, and good player.

This seems to be the Rays MO this year. Score early and often and then hold on.

He was dealing

Glad to hear about Colome but not of Spann

Great game Rays

that "slide" into 2nd, though.... omg

Great game. We enjoy it!

All wins are good

Y can’t he stay?


Stuart Sharp

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15 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Early offense was enough to get it done. atmlb.com/2krfJIY ...

Early offense was enough to get it done. https://atmlb.com/2krfJIY


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Great job by Stanek and Banda today! Refsynder too!! And a few others.

🗝️Play every game like it is game 7...every game💡 Still early in the game...you very possibly can have that first place and more👁️🌍👁️ Great job!!!

Rays giving away too many outs on the basepaths. Who's the baserunning coach?

Robertson made killer plays today

I photobombed the scoreboard hehe

Great win today..Great plays by Robertson!! Pitching looked good!!🎉⚾

Robertson is turning into an all star.

Bases loaded, no outs = no runs! Awesome baseball. Lmao

And without Colome and Span... How did that happen? Great game, listened to Dave and Andy while at the beach today. Great to jump out to that early lead and hold on. Let's finish this series with a W and carry the mojo to the west coast #RaysUp

Gomez had two walks and the Reefer had an RBI. Is this Opposite World?


Way to go team.


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16 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

A moment he'll never forget, thanks to Kevin Kiermaier. ...


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That’s MY son!!! It truly is a moment he will never forget ❤️

Incredibly awesome guy. Came out and played catch with my kid too. Can’t wait for his return

That was absolutely great! I'm sitting here with a happy grin on my face.

Is that what you call a pitch-posal? It could become the biggest thing since prom-posals.

That's my nephew!!!! 😍😍

Thank you Rays and KK for the very special moment!!! Go Rays!!!!

Leave it to Kevin Kiermaier & the kid to do a nice job.

One very 1st Class Guy. You are super. What a moment for this boy. 👏🏻👏🏻⚾️

Love it, this kid will remember that the rest of his life. Way to go KK

Way to go KK Always a class act and making people smile.

I love and appreciate the young man’s thank you at the end.

Those are the kind of players you need to keep on your team and in your community by the way!

What a GREAT way to help continue building a fan base here in Tampa Bay!!!

So cute and such a memory for that little boy

Looks like his thumb is improving!

The kids in Seattle are really gonna love him after he’s inevitably traded to the mariners for prospects

He wouldn’t take a pic with my daughter before a game because he is “superstitious” 🙄

Peggy Pedersenhey, we got to go areal game ( for free ) a few weeks ago, it was Awesome against the Texas Rangers!!!!

That will be one of the biggest moments in his life ! I hope he has many more.....

Kevin You Are Going To Make A Great Father!

That's so awesome way too go

I heard their getting a uniform for Cash . Just in case.

I wonder if it will be him or Archer next to Go bye bye

Not bad 80mph fastball over the heart of the plate

Lance Nighthawk Womack Jackson was like can that be me someday playing catch with Kevin Kiermaier? 😊

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16 hours ago

US National Weather Service Jacksonville Florida

Tonight's low temperatures, sky cover and rain chances. weather.gov/jax ...

Tonights low temperatures, sky cover and rain chances. weather.gov/jax

17 hours ago

AARP Florida

The latest update.Here is the latest information on Subtropical Storm Alberto as of 2 PM EDT. ...

The latest update.


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Thank you. #Preparedness

Angela Fiorini

Thank you better to be safe than sorry.

Please continue to refer to NWS JAX briefing for the latest on local Alberto impacts. Expect waves of heavy rainfall starting tonight, with high rip current risk Sun & Mon: not ideal for outdoor & holiday beach plans. Briefing: www.weather.gov/media/jax/briefings/nws-jax-briefing.pdf #jaxwx #flwx #gawx ...

18 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Some gear is headed to the Hall of Fame!

Venters: his cap to commemorate his comeback.
Romo: the lineup card from his first career start.

Some gear is headed to the Hall of Fame!

Venters: his cap to commemorate his comeback.
Romo: the lineup card from his first career start.


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Meanwhile, Ryne Stanek's gopher is headed to an animal preserve near Immokalee.

Why is these things going to the HOF? Because hes making a start?

Two bright spots of the season !

Awesome! Congrats boys! #RaysUp

Next MAN up

Next man up

Congrats guys!!!!


22 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Ryne Stanek will get his first career start. atmlb.com/2saZQKi ...

Ryne Stanek will get his first career start. https://atmlb.com/2saZQKi


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Waiting for new ownership and to be a playoff team again like during the Joe Maddon era

Missing Span already...Our main player, gone...Makes NO sense 😤😵

Miller replacing Span at leadoff? God help us all!

When are we going to get some starters???? Need two more!!

Whose next Rays management? KK?

This franchise is a joke

Things must really be bad when you use relief pitchers as starters.

Should have included Duffy in the Seattle deal before he ends up on the DL again

Let's see if he can get out of the first inning🤔🤔🤔

I mean at least we got a double-A pitcher with an over-3 ERA and a single-A pitcher with a near-3 ERA. What a savvy move.

Would be a decent line up without Refsnyder

What a bad lineup please no Refsnyder

Ramos is the next to go. Watch. 😞

Still a fan, but it hurts to watch. No disrespect to the roster, but it’s hard to respect management when they don’t respect us.

I miss Longo. Steven Sousa JR and now Span.

One thing the Ray's players don't have is job security. It must be nerve racking and distracting to not know if you will be part of the team tomorrow. A guy plays his hardest and the next day he is gone.

💙Go Rays, go Stanek!💙 Welcome back 💙Gomez💙and welcome to the team Wilmer Font. Let's get a win!!

Smith ought to be leading off not Miller, what is he thinking?

The Ramos watch begins. Will we get a low A or a high A prospect for him? So thrilled Gomez is back (not). At least Refsnyder is not in the lineup (actually he is🤢).....

Great job..good win ! Do whatever it takes...and Colume's new hat is on straight ! Hah..gangsta days are over.

Done with Tampa. Go braves!!!

I looked at the lineup & do not recognize a single name on it. I miss the days when I knew who was playing 1st base& who was in centerfield & who the shortstop was:(

Still tryin to figure out why y’all traded Span

We have Kenny powers on the mound!!

I was a fan until they traded me

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Thunderstorms firing along #I-95 from downtown #Jacksonville north to #Brunswick, GA will move slowly inland through 2:00 p.m. ...

23 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We've reinstated OF Carlos Gómez from the 10-day DL. ...

Weve reinstated OF Carlos Gómez from the 10-day DL.


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and that means 3 strike outs and 1 flyball to the infield

Just in time to trade him?

Hey rays when are you going to trade KK for a minor leaguer? Who's next?

Really batting 175 who cares got rid of span tied for the team lead in rbi's kept this guy???????????

On The trade from yesterday, why trade now and pay them 4.25 million to do it, where is the sense. Oh yea we were winning a few games. cannot move franchise is we are winning

Worst ownership and management staff in baseball from top to bottom. A decade removed from appearing in a World Series and we are back to being the MLB level farm team for the rest of the league

Let's hope he has value by the trade deadline

Love to watch him play. Great leader. You go Go-Go!!!

Good timing with trade of Denard Span. Love Carlos antics and energy. Go Rays!!

CJ is upping his value too, he'll probobly have a price tag at the deadline too. Also Ramos is showing he's on his way to what he was a couple years ago before his injury, watch that price tag too

Should have sent him to Seattle and kept Span. Gomez is a second rate show boat.

Good...get wild crazy and play each game like it is game 7 of World Series! Stay lose confident and careful. God's🌠Luck🌍Positive Cool Vibes⚾

How much more of this season will he be a RAY? Just saying if Denard Span could be traded, then most any position player other than pitcher is fair game at this point.

Who doesn't think this man needs some anger management?!

We can trade him now .

I swear I think the lady from Major League owns the team. EVERY time they start winning the township starts giving things away. Do they even have a hot tub and training room anymore? What's next they have to travel on a used school bus to games ?

they will trade him now..lol

This means nothing...

Why not activate them so we could trade him for a 12th round conditional pick in 2024

Just in time to trade him away?!

Can the rays trade him too? They could save millions!

COOL,SO TRADE HIM,Archer and Ramos so you can truly show your true intent/colors....

But, Denard Span is wearing a Mariners jersey?

That should help

Well trade him as well with half season Kiermaier

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5 AM EDT - Alberto is moving northward toward the Gulf of Mexico. You can find our updated briefing here:

5 AM EDT - Alberto is moving northward toward the Gulf of Mexico.  You can find our updated briefing here:


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Jennifer Sweat


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