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Boy with autism builds world’s largest Lego Titanic replica

Boy with autism builds world’s largest Lego Titanic replica


WOW! The 10-year-old boy with autism built the model, which is 26 feet long and 5 feet tall, over 11 months with 56,000 Lego bricks. Now, it is going on display at the Titanic Museum.

(CNN) — The world’s largest Lego replica of the doomed Titanic liner was built over 700 hours — 11 months — by a 10-year-old boy...

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15 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Not bad for a debut album.


Not bad for a debut album. 

#JustGettinStartedImage attachment


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Hope he works his way into a permanent rotation spot. Unless mattingly plans on pulling him after 80 pitches every game then just leave him for long middle relief.

Well maybe now we have a chance to win every 5th game!

He's got a great future ahead of him... ...meaning he'll play good for our team until 2020 and then be traded for a minor leaguer.


17 hours ago

The Florida Aquarium

DYK? Octopuses have 8 appendages called “arms” not “tentacles!” 🐙 ...

20 hours ago

Miami Marlins

Jarlin García impresses again. A look at last night.

5.0 IP 1 H 0 ER 5 BB 2 SO | #JustGettinStarted


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Congratulations to Jarlin Garcia he's a very good Pitcher my mom personally know his mom they went to school together in Dominican Republic dreams do come true!! 🔥 😎 👍

Marlins are muffcabbage

Aaaaaand hes gone; traded to Yanks

He show signs of their Ace pitcher not Urena!

How long until his contract is up?

They will trade him

I want to see the rest of the kids play as well. Potential rotation Urena, Garcia, alcantara, Guzman, Edward Cabrera. Solid

Got my birthday present. A win over the Yankees. Go Fish! From your forever fan (although hard to watch this year!)

I don't mind growing pains watching young players play. It's watching old players have growing pains that is pointless. If your gonna do this rebuild bring up the kids and let them play. Brad Ziegler is trash..

It is amazing to see all the good things that have happened to him, a humble person who comes from Pedro Brand to realize his dream so much dedication and dedication to what he does. As a follower of this Miami and Dominican team I am very proud of him..... #GoJarlin #Malibú

Team win for sure. Great pitching, offensive and defensive support. Consistant play like this and the Fish could be a force to reckon with.

Jarlin Garcia only player on the squad worth watching in my opinion. Should be our Ace hands down

A Star is born

When Garcia can gain consistent command of his off speed pitches, and fastball, he has a great future with the Miami Marlins!!

That was fun to watch, miss a lot of the players bring them back! I wish🙂⚾️🌴

Would like to see him actually get to go deep into games.

💟🎆💝 恭喜Marlins 贏球⚾🏆👍,I'm Marlins and WEI-YIN CHEN(陳偉殷) of Supporter. 💪🌼💞💝🌈 Good Job. 😃👍

He was gassed at 92 pitches...but just enough to get the W!!!

Nice play

Por lo menos se le gana uno a los Yankees en su estadio

I am Happy and Ecstatic Today this was a Nice Birthday Present Victory over The NYC Yankees Yesterday Good Job Miami Marlins!!!

Why was Yankees Stadium empty?

Do t get too good they will trade you

Elieth Williams amorki nahki lulkiba 😅😅 #66

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1 day ago

Miami Marlins

J.T. Realmuto hits homer in first game of season as Marlins beat Yankees, 9-1. ...


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Only guy worth anything in the marlins franchise is Garcia.. That dude should be our ACE

Hard watching Stanton struggle i wish him the best even though he left he just wants to win i don't blame him

Live in Markleville, Indiana but see our Marlins when they play the Reds every year, Go Fish!

Look at how many empty sits😂😂😂

Le devolvimos el favor a los Yankis, corto x 3 carreras pero lo que cuenta es la devolucion. Bravo J.Garcia una nueva apertura de lujo, Felicidades x la victoria.ARRIBA MIS MARLINS.

Nice win Marlins. Feels good to beat the Yankees in New York and score 9 runs against them.

Pepijn Niermeijer en Atie van Liefland whoop whoop kijk eens! Marlins pakken de Yankees in. Dit kan nog wel eens heel leuk gaan worden over 2 weken!!! ⚾️💕

How the Marlins managed to win 9-1 against the yankees I will never know

Even though people expect Marlins to be the worst team this year.. I’m still watching and getting excited to see them winning! I screamed when JT hits a HR Go Fish 🐟!!!!!

Money can't buy the Yankees wins.

Great game, we need more of these.

RichiePhillip Jeter is probably upset with the loss

The lineup is completely different with him in it. Pitching will get stronger with straily back soon and hopefully bring up alcantara.. team will be a lot stronger

After the drubbing they took yesterday, it's nice to see them give some back.

Good to see Realmuto healthy again! My son's favorite player! #CatchersAreAwesome

Why we still have Ziegler I will never know. If you’re going to give us garbage, give us new and growing garbage.

Wheeler, Nimo, Dom Smith, and a prospect for JT will Get a “Deal Done”! U Marlins fans realize that he will Get traded soon, right?!

Luis Pedro Matta Castañeda Bieen hombre! La serie mundial de este año va a ser de los Marlins😂

Seth Romano Dakota Veater, just once this season!!! But it feels sooo good!!!! ☺

Nick Owen should make you happy

Lost to s triple a team...yank fans signed ex yank fan

Let's just say is helps having Jake back in the middle order, don't it? :-)

Stäve Zic Silvio Magino das hätte ich selber vor 2 Wochen noch nicht geglaubt 🙈👍🏻😂

When are we going to trade him? I am sure it will happen soon.

Just curious. Wonder how long it will be until a good team snags Garcia

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2 days ago

Miami Marlins

J.T. Realmuto makes his 2018 debut tonight. First pitch is at 6:35 PM.

📺: FOX Sports FL
📻: 940winz, Radio Mambí 710 AM

#JuntosMiami | atmlb.com/2H9vlij

J.T. Realmuto makes his 2018 debut tonight. First pitch is at 6:35 PM.

📺: FOX Sports FL
📻: 940winz, Radio Mambí 710 AM  

#JuntosMiami | https://atmlb.com/2H9vlij


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When it's 9-0, bottom of the 9th, why bring in Ziegler?

Jeter I know you are seeing prospects, but you'd be wise to keep this one. Keep a core (JT, Bour, Ureña, Jarlin) and we might stick it out with you...

Ziegler should not be a closer! Mattling does not get it!

Good job, J.T. 🤗

Welcome back JT you’ve been missed in the lineup

I love J.T

Welcome back JT ! You have been missed. 😀

I hope the Marlins start playing much better

Go Marlins!

Wow an actual player🤣

2 days ago

Miami Marlins

Behind the plate tonight...



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Great. Now when are Stanton, Ozuna, Gordon and Yelich coming back?

I know why Derek Jeter didn't want to go to Yankee stadium because it would be the first time in 20 + years he would of been embarrassed in N.Y.!!! This baseball team in Miami is the joke of MLB !!!

as I’m in route to Yankee Stadium this news makes me happy 🙂 can’t wait to see him behind and at the plate

Yea and he doesn’t want to be there. He wants to be on a real team.

Can't wait for him to be traded

Win a game

Garcia is killing me!!!

Yaaaaay!!! Maybe it’ll only be 12-5 instead of 12-1!!! Who cares!?!? This is embarrassing!!!

He just hit a home run!

Realmuto!!!! HR!!

Time to get my home plate tickets again!

Live From Yankee Stadium, here is tonight's starting lineup for your 2018 Miami Marlins!!

I expect HUGE THINGS from the Marlins which will happen once they get into their stride!

Go away Ziegler!!! Get rid of him already!!!!

JT should go to Mets. Players and fans are not happy Jeter Marlins.

And that is how you do it! Welcome back!!

Come back TJ REALMUTO Marlin 4-12, not good.

What a return. I dare to say we have one of the best Catchers in the Majors. Please #marlins dont trade him

Straight out of Oklahoma and Carl Albert alumni!!! Go get em JT!!! #onceaTITAN

Lets hope this is the nudge we need to turn this train around!


I hope MLB folds this franchise-From a former fan who grew up with this team


Annette Catalano - doesn't he want a trade? hehe,,,

If the Miami Marlins get to 10 runs, do we get two 50% off pizzas a Papa Johns?🍕🍕

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Let’s go Lightning! 👏👏👏👏👏 #GoBolts #StanleyCup #BetheThunder ...

Let’s go Lightning! 👏👏👏👏👏 #GoBolts #StanleyCup #BetheThunder

3 days ago

South Florida Museum

If you see a distressed or deceased manatee in the wild, it is important to report it by calling the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922).Tip saves manatee calf
When a family on vacation observed a little lone manatee calf in shallow water, they called our Wildlife Alert Hotline and stayed with the manatee until rescuers arrived. The very young manatee calf had not nursed in several days and was very dehydrated. Thanks to this caring family from Ohio, the male calf was rescued and is now being bottle-fed around the clock at the Miami Seaquarium. It is rare to have a manatee at this young age survive, but we hope he is on the road to growth and recovery. Find the original story on our FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute page: bit.ly/2GKi8ML. To report a distressed or dead manatee, call our Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922).

Rescues were conducted under permit: MA770191

If you see a distressed or deceased manatee in the wild, it is important to report it by calling the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institutes Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922).


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Eric W Jr Voight

Bless their hearts!! 💗💗XOXO

Morgan David

Joe Johnson

Marin Ewing They rescued the baby 😍

Stephanie Gemperline 😱

Mariah Baker

Michaela Harrington


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