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Blockbuster stores are still open, and soon to receive Russell Crowe's jock strap

Blockbuster stores are still open, and soon to receive Russell Crowe's jock strap



Blockbuster is still open in Alaska, and about to receive some interesting movie memorabilia from John Oliver.

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40 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

PRINCE DEATH INVESTIGATION: The Carver County, Minnesota prosecutor says there's not enough evidence to charge anyone in the death of Prince, who overdosed after taking counterfeit Vicodin laced with Fentanyl. MORE: bit.ly/2qKsjWI ...


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PRINCE DEATH INVESTIGATION: The Carver County, Minnesota prosecutor says there's not enough evidence to charge anyone in the death of Prince, who overdosed after taking counterfeit Vicodin laced with Fentanyl. MORE: bit.ly/2qKsjWI

Carver County, Minnesota prosecutor announces decision in Prince death investigation.

Why Angela? So the addict never has to take responsibility for their own choices or actions? You are what is wrong with this country. Always blaming others for your bad choices and actions.

Yes GOVERNMENT... it’s like abortion. They will go elsewhere to get it, risking their lives... people in pain can’t get pain meds.

He had an addiction he needed help not pills not the government's fault he decided to buy Probly over the internet

from Tampa see it all the time. Why have they waited this long to charge anyone? What makes him more special than my sister-in-law, or my friend??

Kimberly u can shut up too. Why tf would he have taken that knowing it would kill me. That’s so dumb o ASSume

No body forced Prince to take it.yes it's sad he is gone but truly no one forced him to take it.he did it on his own free will.

I just love today's Society. Everyone puts the blame on others or something and never takes responsibility for their own actions.

No sympathy! Nor for Whitney or her daughter! They wanted to die, maybe not Prince, but definitely the Houston’s!

They need to make it a law if a dug addict dies from any drug the dealer should be charged with murder even if it’s from an overdose

He died from a counterfeit Vicodin laced with fentanyl... not his fault i doubt he knew it was laced.. why is that his fault then??

People are always trying to blame everybody else instead of the actual user it's ridiculous. Nobody, ever, forces people to use any drugs and we sure don't make people weak and dependent . Any drugs legal or not it's always the users choice to take them.

Just legal marijuana world wide its not rocket science

He’s not the first to die from drug overdose and he’s not the last. He did this to himself

There's no pain like shoulder pain. I had 2 hour surgery and got a lecture from a pharmacist that he was filling too many pills so I should get fewer but stronger. What? You want to look good even though I could overdose?

This is why medical marijuana should be legal, but big pharma doesn't want that!

Yet our government is making it harder for real people in pain are suffering

It’s not the drug it’s the person who takes that drug that makes the decision to abuse

I Don't Believe This !!! And When Someone Needs Pain Meds. The Government Should NOT Be Binding The Drs Hands !!!!

This is hurting my heart.....No justice for the purple one😭

He had lots of money he could have gotten anything. So sad

If he didnt own a cell phone then how the hell did he tweet b4 his death?

😢 175 people are dying a day. These drugs are evil.

He ordered them from canada. Fetenyl kills

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52 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

WATCH LIVE: Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. is making a statement about the controversial arrest of two black men at a Starbucks last week, just after the men spoke out publicly for the first time today. MORE: bit.ly/2qPZqIP ...


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WATCH LIVE: Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. is making a statement about the controversial arrest of two black men at a Starbucks last week, just after the men spoke out publicly for the first time today.

Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. is making a statement about the controversial arrest of two black men at a Starbucks last week, just after the men spoke out publicly for the first time today. MORE: bit.ly/2qPZqIP

I can't believe this is still news. These two asked to be arrested, the officers granted their wish. They could have just left when asked.

Most of you are so naive. The founder of Starbucks is a crazy liberal, leftist. A rich one, but still. He's, Starbucks founder, is closing hundreds of stores for "training" of "unconscious bias". SMH

Whites cant just sit in Starbucks if they haven't ordered anything...get off the race card.....we are all human beings

I’m a white woman and the Starbucks in St Armand’s Cir FL wouldn’t give me the code to ether bathroom and asked me to leave if I wasn’t buying anything. It’s their policy.

I don’t care how you shake it bake it rap it pack or stack it Starbucks policy is wrong and should be changed no one should have to ask to use the restroom

Call those that are speaking of Starbucks policy clearly don't know Starbucks policy. Perhaps you should review the interview from the CEO of Starbucks

Boycott Starbucks for targeting races, pregnant women, political agendas and chemicals in their coffees that cause illnesses

I think the cops should have just ask them to come with them explain the issue and then they have a choice to stay n get lock up r leave and problem solved no crime was done to get arrested

I don't go there since 911 when people from 911 went in needing water with ash all over them said you can buy water but would not give them water

They do it to ALL races. It shouldn’t be a race thing. Why do people automatically throw that crap out there. 🤬

Lots of businesses have that policy....seems like people will find any excuse they can to attack Starbucks 🙄

Yes @ Robert he was the guy in the video asking what’s going on & why are they being arrested. You can also hear a Lady state, they didn’t do anything I saw the whole thing!! All on video!! @Robert

Everyone deserves to be treated equally if whites can sit in a business without purchasing anything, why punish only the blacks or the brown!?

Why should they have just left when the cops asked them to. They were not in the wrong. It's amazing that you justify wrongdoing. Injustice is iinjustice.

Well stop that Ben character to stop saying they deserve getting locked up.Can't remember his name.But he thanks he is somebody.

They should've done discovery. And treated all of them equal and understanding all sides of the scenario.

But Micheal it's OK for white to get away with everything I bet they would of just kick them out that all

Treat all parties the same and do the community policing that should be part of the "service" you provide.

The real BS is that the officers were even called. They should’ve gotten their free coffee & rolled their eyes.

There were other people in the restaurant who had not ordered according to witnesses at the restaurant at that time. It would appear that was by us use when they asked for these men to be removed as trespassers.

They just could of waited in the car for their friend ,i do that if I'm meeting someone at a restaurant

I'm not a Starbucks customer and I know by conversations that without a purchase they have allowed customers to use their bathroom as well as people stopping there to lounge or wait for others. Panera Bread does the same.

I don’t know if they were sitting there and not bothering anyone and waiting for a friend and then maybe they were going to order something then that just seemed rather wrong to behave that way to these two guys really was wrong

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SHOCKING CONFRONTATION: It is the viral video which deputies say landed a 71-year-old Georgia woman in jail for her part in a scuffle with two U.S. Army Reserve captains at a Georgia restaurant. MORE: bit.ly/2qOQ5ku ...


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I'm confused. Why are the two aggressors in uniform not held responsible????????????????,The woman just did not want her picture taken. Military people are not free to run around stirring the pot and then walk away!!! EWTF

They shouldn’t of been filming her or taking pictures of her. She clearly didn’t want them too and she’s hardly battered then. If she’s landed herself in Jail for a bit of a push then Christ is it any wonder Americans think they can get what they want when they want it

GOOD. She's clearly as trashy and classless as her son who was just as rude. The poor girl in the middle called her maam the whole time, asking her to stop. The other one clearly stated that she is pregnant. She just wouldn't stop. You don't want them filming you? Don't act stupid. She had every right to film someone attacking her.

Ok military or not the one in uniform that busted out her phone was completely antagonizing the situation pointing her finger and busting out her phone, the other one is the only one who kept her composure. Because of the one with the phones composure I have no doubt that she was key in whatever went down in the parking lot. Military are held to higher standard especially when in uniform and she acted wrong and before anyone goes off I was in the military and I know how you’re supposed to act. I hate the videos that show a snippet of an incident and everyone picks a side and then argues over it they were all wrong except for the one girl in front trying to separate them. In this snippet, because who knows what each side said and did in the parking lot. Hear say is bs

Sad situation. I wasn't there but the old lady should be charged for assault. The dude should be throat punched for taking a swing at the soldier in the back. Seems like road rage carried over into the restaurant. Bet the soldiers get a medal... just watch..smh

Tucker should have been punched out. Those two Reservists deserve a medal for showing restraint. They also deserve upmost respect!

71 years on this earth and still dumb as a box of rocks. What a shame. Lady, they don't owe you anything, but you sure owe them some respect.

As always no one knows what happened because they didn't show this video from the beginning. So the best thing is to assume nothing because no one has the facts except for those who were actually there. Regardless, it's obvious people were upset, and that some had difficulty controlling themselves and were acting stupid. Stupid doesn't look good on anyone. Just say no to stupid. Very sad.

This isn't the only video. There are three videos with numerous witnesses that this older woman and her son were the aggressors... this all started outside. From the name calling, to the threats made on the two women in uniform (one of which is pregnant), that old bat deserved what she got.

First of all what was the confrontation about to begin with it doesn't say and why did the military women feel the need to record this it says that nobody intercepted and stood up for the military service people what about the ladies rights not to be recorded or have her picture taken which they continue to do so both parties were wrong

Very sad, sound like it was over parking. First shame on the older couple for acting the way they did just walk away it's just a parking spot if there was any problem. 2nd the two military girls did not deserve to be attacked but show a little bit of maturity and don't throw your phone up. This country/ world is changing so much and it is so scary

Yes they should have shown our military ladies more respect. But I too feel they should not have taken pictures

So many people have so much anger right under the surface that it doesn’t take much to set them off. The collective mental health of our country is in terrible condition.

It's not just military it's humans! Who treats people like that? Did they get arrested? Clearly it was battery among other things.

I am shocked and disappointed nobody physically interceded on behalf of those soldiers. Especially when the son became physically aggressive.

the pictures provided the proof so that CPT wouldn't get in trouble. It's sad but respect isn't taught anymore in society but it is in the military. With all this going on and society wonders why military can't transition to working with civilians, bunch of fricken cry babies

Another old hag who thinks everyone owes her

How can anybody complain about this girl pulling her phone camera out. That's probably the only thing that covered their butts. Good to see this woman get arrested. I think her son should have also been charged with something.

71 years old and acting like that I think they have her age wrong it's backwards 17 you should be ashamed of yourself you are nobody special and them two women served for our country apparently your parents never showed you respect for 71 years old at your age not your shoe size

All this over how someone parked in a parking spot?!? If that's all it takes to put their panties in a knot they have serious issues and should seek therapy immediately.

Let me tell ya ... it’s THE WORST when you’re in uniform representing the military and you’re trying to keep your cool when people confront you. We are all human and you know what you’d really like to say or do but you know better and those ppl are just pushing your buttons. Man... that’s some crap in that video. I’m glad that lady in civilian clothes got up and got in the middle and said you need to go.

The son should have kept his mouth shut. He was looking for trouble. Mom’s discipline your kids no matter what age they are. Take on responsibility. Apparently he always had a short fuse.

What a shame what a shame. The Son of that woman should also have been held accountable. Sounds like he started the thing out in the parking lot.

An other example of why society has become sad. We are devolving as a society and hostilities between people are escalating. Anger, spite, vengeance, retribution, jealousy, irrationality, animosity - all of it - are the seeds that are being planted and they will only grow into a poisonous fruit of hostility and conflict and seeing the “other” as something else less than “self” and a threat. The story is truly sad. Anger is like a burning coal in your hand. You may want to throw it at someone but you actually hurt yourself by first holding it. There is a better way, a better approach, for all concerned. The story began by someone being nasty with their words and escalated into what we see in the video. Anger became the fuel for everyone. Maybe we can use this as a lesson and think about how we would respond to such nasty comments. Do we let go of the anger or do we do something else in response?

I have to say they way others came to help the 2 women shows that ppl still care about our Military and that older lady need some help how do you get that mad over parking she should be happy she didn't get laid out on her face for that

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Florida Voices is a project of the USA TODAY Network-Florida that spotlights the 2018 election issues that matter to Floridians. Get connected by joining our Florida VoicesFacebook group. ...

It's not every day you see Florida manatees swimming in 100-feet deep water! But here they are, off the coast of Islamorada. 😍 bit.ly/2HL2MVp ...


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They were looking for you Clare Freiesleben! :)

They are lost and need to get to fresh water

Manatees live in salt water! They only go up into the rivers in the winter because the water is warmer.

I've seen them off the skyway fishing pier

They needed to go on tour <3 :)

Definitely lost.

Mating time?

Elizabeth Crawford xx

Jeremy Miller

Mara Zoraya Palomo

Ian Baunach

Nick Stanczyk

Laci Gist

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Sometimes you just don't want to get out of bed... #TheSnuggleIsReal ...

Sometimes you just dont want to get out of bed... #TheSnuggleIsReal


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So beautiful...

Jeremy Skinner tons of American Bull babies waiting for us.........

They need blanquets..😢

4 hours ago

Tampa Bay Times

In honor of Earth Day, visit any Grow Financial Federal Credit Union on Thursday and Friday, April 19-20, to pick up a free Dahoon Holly seedling. ...

YIKES 🌴 A tree trimmer was rescued from a palm tree after some heavy palm fronds pinned him down. Tucson firefighters said he was lucky to avoid serious injuries, and was back to working on the same tree later that day! bit.ly/2qM76LM ...


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Our job isn't easy! And customers saying $35.00 per palm is to much is ludachrist.

I'm glad he is ok and John Dev that could happened to anyone even the most experienced ones. We are all humans and you never know what could happened. My husband has been doing plumbing for almost 30 years and every now and then accidents happen.

Good thing he had his rigging rope tied right or it could've went really wrong. Glad he's ok 😁

Le pauvre , il a dû avoir la peur de sa vie , il mérite au moins 2 semaines de vacances après ça . FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay vous pourriez lui offrir celà ?

I’m glad he’s ok! That fall looked a little jarring!

Happy he is alright.

ThatCould have had a whole different outcome

not experienced obviously

That’s so scary!!

Jennifer KimbleAdam Richter

Jude Pyles

Joseph Kirwin

John Brier Heyrman

Bobby Franchino

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