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Billionaire Jeff Greene Says He'll Spend What It Takes To Be Florida Governor

Billionaire Jeff Greene Says He'll Spend What It Takes To Be Florida Governor


MONEY IS NO ISSUE: Jeff Greene, who is worth close to $4 billion, told the Associated Press he will spend what it takes to be Florida's next governor.

When Florida billionaire Jeff Greene ran for U.S. Senate in 2010, he was depicted by the media as a party boy who associated with people like former boxer Mike Tyson and actress Lindsay Lohan.

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5 minutes ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

This week's @Pet Paradise DUUUVAL Dog of the Week is Inga.

She's a yellow lab that works hard to keep our community safe.


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Phil Carpiniello

RECOGNIZE HIM? St. Pete police are hoping someone can identify this man, who they say tried to hold up a Cracker Barrel cashier. DETAILS: bit.ly/2MK0ffN ...


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This what happens when a country doesn’t use common sense!!

Terror attack in London and pregnant German woman hacked to death in the street by a Syrian refugee! 💥💥💥

Check local barber shops or hair cut places.

Check the local trailer park

he hangs at Boardwalk and Doubles and springers

Maybe he just wanted a lady to make him a sandwich.

Cracker Barrel...really 🙄

check the bar next door

Omg he is white?

Looks a lot like Kyle Kowalsky. Is there a reward for his capture? Hope kyle resists arrest.

People are just scum nowadays get a freaking job quit robbing geez!

A Cracker Barrel? They're always so busy. Nuts, people are just sick.

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DEVELOPING: 22 people are dead and 8 are injured after a highway bridge collapsed in the port city of Genoa, Italian transport officials say. MORE: bit.ly/2vIFNFx ...


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Remember when the skyway bridge collapsed when a barge hit it in a storm. So horrific. Pulled my car over on my way to work & cried. Those poor people.

In March of this year we had a similar situation due to blind eyes and irresponsability: a bridge on construction falled on passing by car. We had 8 casualties because it didn't happen at rush hour.

Tabetha Nichole KL if I have to see it you have to also

Right. Collapsed. Uh huh

Prayers for all involved, also prayers that the govt. and city officials pull their heads out of their [email protected]@es.

More ruins...Lol.

Prayers and comfort for the great Italians of Northern Italy... Dio🙏🏼🙏🏼

Prayers for all this is tragic and I’m praying for all the families of the lost

it often happens in Italy.... they just don't care about safety

Prayers for those who were injured or lost their lives

Oh my God!!! Those poor people.

Oh my prayers for all affected

Sending prayers

Prayers to all 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Oh no..prayers sent...

Prayers sent




So sad 😭


Tim :(


Brad Van Morgan Sunday 😳😱

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Register for a free Take Heart Orlando class with Orlando Fire Department and learn how to provide life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Details: cityoforlando.net/takeheart ...

Register for a free Take Heart Orlando class with Orlando Fire Department and learn how to provide life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Details: cityoforlando.net/takeheart

4 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Head Coach Doug Marrone addresses the media as 2018 Training Camp continues. ...


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Jalen had the right to go off on the media. Them the madia should have cut away from the fight instaed of trying to up their ratings. Fight break out even during high school practices does the media film those nope.

Jags allowing protests. Can I get a refund for my season tickets?

Get rid of Ramsey He is becoming a cancer on the team.....

Go Jaguars Dilly Dilly!🏈🏈🏈

That's code for he's gone soon via trade or release!

Jalen crossed the line with that tweet but he’s young and learning discipline

Del Rio would have them share a bowl of ice cream!!

Jags on top this season. Dont @ me.

If you go a whole camp without a single fight, it's not football anymore!!

What's up with Norwell

I was fixing to say that last year we were one game away from the Superbowl

No way Tom

We’re good we had 6 th ranked offense last season and were better this year

Gotta win at home!! Losing home record won't cut it this year!!

Glad I don't act like that at my job. I would be fired.

Come on coach. I no what ya saying!

Calf tightness last I heard it wasn’t a big deal

Didn’t have a losing record at home last year

Go to Jacksonville this is our year

DUUUVALIN' in Columbus, Ohio!!

This year we going to Disney land .

This is totally different team

Don't live in the past

there gonna be a big brawl in Minnesota Vikings camp this week! Go Jaguars!

Dante ain’t going nowhere

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"When it comes down to it, we're a city that seems to do what a lot of people are unable to do in these days of political polarization. We work together despite our differences. For this reason, the state of our city is strong!" 💪🏿

One week ago, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer delivered his annual State of the City address and ended with this message about our community.

17 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

"If you know what you gotta do, you know the technique, you should be dying to get out there."

Go behind the scenes of camp with In The Trenches, Fueled by Gatorade.


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Andrew LeVine that you?

Last week I joined NFLHQTV .COM­ . . It’s the cheapest online option on web this year. Just $29/yearly and you can watch any Tv channel. Including NFL this year

Go jags!!

David Bolinger Andrew Caplinger

Jon Green

Tyler Holder I love Doug so much lol

21 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

The latest from TIAA Bank Field as Jaguars 2018 Training Camp continues with Tony Boselli, Pete Prisco and J.P. Shadrick on Jaguars Happy Hour. ...


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8 sacks in a reserve role (and two more in the playoffs) is EXCEPTIONAL production. It really isn’t his fault that Yannick is on track to be a hall of famer. lol

Let's be honest.....Jalen is getting a little too bigheaded....needs to humble himself

Release or trade Fowler. He’s more trouble than what he’s worth.

I'm rooting for the Jags all day everyday, but Dante has not lived up to his draft status. 2nd day back in camp and there goes the distraction.

I'm not going to watch any football game where the players did not stand for the pledge allegiance I am a veteran and none of that crap makes any sense they didn't do it while the all season so they need not do it now

Want the truth on the Fowler and Ramsey Suspensions and what REALLY happened.. I got it on twitter.. @beeyamz ... welcome to answer any questions on it. James O should be suspended above anybody else.

Anyone saying he shouldn’t have recorded it doesn’t understand how the WORLD works. The JAGUARS don’t agree with you. That should tell you everything.

Still have a Tony Bosselli jersey! One of the best offensive lineman I have ever seen! Still remember when you played Buffalo in the playoffs! Great job! Hall of famer#

Two full practices would produce 2-3 times as many reps as a regular season game. Adam Theilen is an amazing route runner.

I’m with jalen here. This media just wants something to write about. Let the goat stand up for his teammates.

Tempers flare .. life happens. Get past it fellas and get focused on bringing a Lombardi Trophy to the 'Ville.

If you don't believe me about tony list to the interview with Lex and Terry with Tony. He couldn't even spell Jaguars

If there was no suspensions I'm pretty sure it would be a non issue.. but now everyone's like whats goin on, brought attention to the situations

Fowler is a goood player if he started his number would be alot better had two sacks against the 🐐 Brady

Fowler was productive not as good as yannik but we need them both they can fight and be good

Yann is better but we need both of them let’s hope it blows over before we break out the pitch forks

We need Dante why y’all turn on players so quick we need him and yann

But why would you post the negative things I mean come on its duval we have enough negative in our city !!!!

We could have won that Game if LEE was not the QB . Do not play him any more

Here come the “nO nFl iN My hoUsE” people.

He would only have played one or 2 drives anyway

Fowler is kind of sour he’s not at where Yann at...

Yea it’s more of a statement than a punishment

I remember hearing about that fight about Barlow

He had 8 sacks last year he was productive

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22 hours ago

Visit Orlando

You can’t live a full life with an empty stomach. 🍳😋
📍Orlando, FL 🍽️ Se7enbites

You can’t live a full life with an empty stomach. 🍳😋
📍Orlando, FL 🍽️ Se7enbites


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Too much. Not a good way to start a day. Far from it. Hard for the digestive system. You’ll feel tired and want to go to sleep 😴. Not energizing at all. A big NO for me.

Mala Vadher omg

Is there a list of vegetarian, gluten free places to eat at??

Not my type of breakfast I’m afraid.

Not very appealing to the eye. Yuk!

This place is amazing!!!

Wow wow wow

Gilmar Gomes, mais um pra lista !

Kimberley Deguelle bereid dch mer veur😂

Gunnar Goodwin this looks the closest to a shingle that I’ve seen. LOL

Not been here Andrew Daily

Sarah Phillips

Dave Wicks

Corwin Emery 😍

Eilidh McNee

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