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'Ale Trail' aims to put Orlando area on national craft beer map

'Ale Trail' aims to put Orlando area on national craft beer map


“We have a unique situation here in Orlando with as many people that are visiting the area a year to really drive people," said Paul Roy, who manages the Central Florida Ale Trail map. What's your favorite craft brewery?

When you think of Orlando, you might not think of craft beer — but local brewers are banding together to put Central Florida on the map.

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July 23 | Several daily records were set on Sunday, for high temperatures and rainfall: ...

July 23 | Several daily records were set on Sunday, for high temperatures and rainfall:


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It was very hot.

Katie Lynn Rose I knew it was hot yesterday but I didn't know it was that hot!!

21 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Coach Tony Sparano. ...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Coach Tony Sparano.


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Took us from 1-15 to 11-5 and the last non Patriot division title. RIP

As a Dolphins fan for 29 Years, still remember his first win as Dolphins head coach, beating the Patriots 38-13 and out coach Belichick, it was the greatest win vs Patriots and as Coach, turning a 1-15 season to winning the AFC East 2008, I wont froget every time he was pump up for a win and every time Dolphins score TD or FG, simply in shock about his passing, Once a Dolphins always a Dolphins, my condolences to the Sparano family and RIP Coach Sparano. =(

Not much of a head coach, meant to be an assistant. But a good guy, class act, and a distinguished gentleman. RIP Tony.

Thanks coach for taking a 1-15 Dolphins team to a 11-5 record with a wild card appreance in the Brady era. Thoughts and prayers to the Sparano family.

Rip buddy I'll always remember you for surprising the pats with the wildcat offense.Ronnie brown 5 TDs. The Patriots had no answer for it you made them look like a high school team that day! thank you sir

Rest in peace Coach! My sincere condolences to Jeannette and his children and family. Jeannette was his biggest fan! :(

Rest In Peace Coach Sparano thanks for making us the only 1-15 team in history to win the division the year after... Coach Gase and this year’s stacked team will all make you proud up there!! Let’s make the Super Bowl for him 10 years after winning the East 🐬🐬 #PhinsUp

From 1-15 to 11-5 and our only division title since 2000. RIP Mr. Sparano, thank you for bringing relevance back to the Miami Dolphins and your positive attitude.

Thoughts and prayers to his family. I will never forget "the wildcat" game that left Belicheat and Brady dumbfounded!! It was priceless. Thank you Coach. R.I.P

Always liked coach Sparano. When he was on the sideline, it seemed his enthusiasm was always right up there with the fans and players. RIP Coach!

R.I.P. Not many coaches could turn around a team with a terrible rock bottom record to legitimate contenders in 12 months. Sad news indeed and a big loss to his family and to the Vikings.

While his tenure in Miami wasn't what he was probably hoping. He had the backs of his players, and they reflected that. They knew he loved them and he did his very best. Fantastic coach, and a big part of Miami's history! RIP Sparano

RIP coach. Took a Dolphins team that was 1-15 to 11-5, beat New England with the wildcat, and hosted an home playoff game. Thanks for everything you did.

Wildcat was born and he will always be known for it and he took the pats down with it nothing sweeter than having that under your belt. Tony will live on forever in Miami

Rest In Peace, Coach Sparano. Thank you for your best efforts to save the Dolphins from themselves. Wildcat 4 life! 🙏❤️

Passionate about the game, "Wildcatter," and the last coach to have taken the AFC East from Belichick (over ten years ago.) I think it would be fair to say 2008 was the highlight year of his career, thank you for making it the Dolphins' year.

Thanks coach for some great memories from a UK Dolphins fan. Thoughts are with your family and friends.

You were a great Coach, your drive and enthusiasm and much more will be missed, I was sad the day you left Miami after all of the accomplishments you created. RIP Coach Sparano 🏈

Condolences to his family. Coach Sparano did a lot for the Dolphins organization. RIP Coach you will be missed. Thank you for all you did for us and your commitment to the football community.

I think Tony was treated poorly by the Dolphins management. Especially, Jeff Ireland who made his job harder. He did the best he could with what he was given. Anybody remember Chad Henne? I would have liked to see him coach see with Ryan Tannehill. I think both coachand QB would have worked well together.

Thoughts and prayers to the Sparano family. Dolphins Fan Always ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻 So sorry, what a great coach and person.

When you Bleed Orange and Aqua, all Family Members are truly Family. Have been a FAN since the beginning. Partied Hard in Miami when the Family Went UNDEFEATED. RIP. You will be Missed. A Fan in Ohio.

Being the football manager at the University of New Haven, I had the honor of knowing and working with Coach Sparano when he coached there. He was a great coach who not only loved the game of football but cared for and was always there for his players. My thoughts and prayers to his family during this very difficult time.

The wildcat offense. You brought this to the NFL. Till this day teams still play it. Prayers to you and your family. Go Dolphins.

R.I.P. coach Soprano. You showed us our dolphins can play and win, if we just get our stuff together. Never forget you!! Let's dedicate this season to him and bring home at least division championship!

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22 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

Kim Bokamper caught up with rookie TE Durham Smythe prior to his first Training Camp.

Tune in to #TheAudible today: bit.ly/AudibleSubscribe


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RIP Tony S


What a classless organization. Former Dolphins coach Tony Sparano passed away and not a single mention from the organization. Shameful.

LET'S ASK AMERICA...FOR ANSWER.........YU CAN HAVE .....""...GUNS...""........OR.......YU CAN HAVE.....meth........Eminem Quotes

11:18 am | Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8 pm EDT for much of east central Florida and the adjacent coastal waters. Stay weather aware! #flwx ...

11:18 am | Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8 pm EDT for much of east central Florida and the adjacent coastal waters. Stay weather aware! #flwx


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Trish Baldwin you see this

We are in Port Orange, the sky is dark Grey, we can hear the thunders but no rain, no lightning yet

Yes, thank you. We are doing well.

Kristy Zabel-Schuman Mindy Zabel

Thanks John Thomas. We have beautiful weather right now. Denise is more in the target area. Hope you are doing good.

Tina Stephens

Tanner Lane

Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago

Jessica Hart-Howard

Lynette Ambrose

Samantha Jolynn Stanford

Derek Fulkerson

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1 day ago

Miami Dolphins

‪Training Camp begins this week. Let’s work!‬


‪Training Camp begins this week. Let’s work!‬



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RT17 comeback player of the year

Havent we waived that guy yet?

Let’s Go baby!!!! Let’s get those 4 wins this season

Let's hope he doesn't fall down and tear his ACL again...

It’s a win win season, either tannehill has an awesome season, or the tannehill experiment is over. Either one sounds good to me to be honest.

AP: Ryan Tannehill traded to Tampa Bay for a conditional seventh round pick and a bag of footballs.

The hill will deliver the goods playoff win 2018

Stay loose, have fun the wins will come, still should of drafted QB Mason Rudolph

As bearish as I am on this team, there is a world in which Miami reaches the bye at 6-4. Unfortunately, after that, even if they split with Buffalo and Andrew Luck never heals, they stagger to an 8-8 finish. And that's the BEST case I can see, with a sweep of the Jets and wins over TEN, OAK, CHI, and DET at home. All that only gets them to 8-8. Yeeesh.

Lets win this years games for Coach Sparano, lets get this done...

0-16 if they're lucky

Somebody give him a red jersey and every coach needs to have a whistle this camp !!!


Hell yeah lets go phins

Don't be a statue coming out of the pocket. Mooooove.

Try not to blow out your knee on the first day.

Just win guys! Thank you.

Lets go fins its time to make the next step in this Gase offense

Let's go Ryan!

Go Dolphins.Your the best.This is your season to fly.

Mmmm y’all keep kneeling & protesting... cause that owner gonna be without a team. Let him keep giving his 2cents...

Can we win in the playoffs please

We stand by our team just like all of you stand by your team. True support. Don't hate, it's not like we just got a ring. Chill lol

hope this sorry azz does well ..so i can b quiet and finally enjoy a good season.

I still root for Miami. When does the Heat begin playing?

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July 22 | The Storm Prediction Center has placed much of east central Florida under a Slight Risk for severe storms today. Stay weather aware! #flwx ...

July 22 | The Storm Prediction Center has placed much of east central Florida under a Slight Risk for severe storms today. Stay weather aware!  #flwx


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Just below the line of slight and marginal it's pouring, preceded by winds that trimmed the neighbor's palm trees.

Mia Underwood O'Malley

Jordan Wallace

2 days ago

Miami Dolphins

What happens when you mic up Coach Gase and Coordinators Burke and Loggains? Plenty of back and forth banter.

This is Mic'd Up.


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So they've been on the slow rise (building the team the way Gase wants it set) and got rid of more players he didn't see fitting what he (and other coaches) wants and people say they're worse than the last ten yrs and will only win a few games? SMDH LOL Miami is finally going to be one of the teams people notice by mid season to be one of the teams making a serious playoff push and hopefully a playoff home game. Explosive RB, PLAY MAKING WRS across the board, FINALLY A STUD TE, Tannehill back, Added Quinn to go with Wake at DE, Giving them a 2 headed monster as pass rushers (that they've needed for a long time) drafted Fitzpatrik as a hybrid S/CB (a top 5 talent in the draft if not for the 4 QBs lol) and people think they won't win? That schedule and those moves looks more like 10-6 or 11-5 if they make a few breaks go their way like in 2016... I see a talented young team that's going to surprise a lot of people

The fact that Gase was asking Marino to come out of retirement should tell us all we need to know about his confidence in Tannehill lol....

I don't care anymore until you respect our flag

Dolphin fan from NJ. If Tannehill is healthy we have a chance at a wildcard. Really excited about Gesicki, I went to the same high school as him.

"Can't play scared in this offense"🤔🤔🤔🤔 then WHY THE HELL ARE THE VAST MAJORITY OF OUR PASSING PLAYS UNDER 25 YARDS??????

I've seen more intensity in junior high practices! Coaches, they wont work if you wont work.

6-10 again??

About 7 or 8 wins

This staff sux.

Same type of year we always have. 4-8 wins as usual. Do like that wete finally trying to build from within and not in free agency. Our culture needs to chanhe something awful and this offseason may have been atleast a start.

Gase got rid of some head cases..Suh and that WR..finally got the team he wants..playmakers..

too much friendly conversation with the players...that worries me

Bring back Ronnie Brown

That's practice just coach better n live games!!👍

LoL....low energy gase

Stay loose and have fun guys, the wins will come

I still say the fins should of drafted QB Mason Rudolph

Say what you want about our coaches, we got some good ones.

I'm sure they banter about a wide variety of topics, like whether Jay Cutler is drunk again, whether cutting Tannehill would be worth no longer seeing his wife around the stadium, etc.

Friggin Rah Rah coaches , toes on the line boys !!!

I will wait to see hoe they respond to the NFL's new rule abut protesting

Gase is a joke

Question is can they coach and play lose like that when the real games start

Stop it already you guys suck .

Horrible team suck game get lose

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July 21 | Another hot day with scattered to numerous storms moving toward the east. #flwx ...

July 21 |  Another hot day with scattered to numerous storms moving toward the east. #flwx
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