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After another Miami Beach corruption scandal, some ask: Why didn’t anyone speak up?

After another Miami Beach corruption scandal, some ask: Why didn’t anyone speak up?


“I am very disappointed because we strive for the highest ethical standards in Miami Beach.”

Miami Beach leaders now must do an internal review in the wake of the felony charges against former building official Mariano Fernández.

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1 hour ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

We've been expecting for months...

Tickets: jagrs.com/2018Schedule


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The little Colts baby crying on week 13 is the best! Let’s go Jags!!!

Yes pretty kooky season-ticket holder‘s have to pay for a home game that we don’t get to Attend .. And why after record last year do we not have a Monday night football game?? On A Positive note, loved the babies especially that Jaguar baby is the Cutest!

Jalen Ramsey seen in the last shot with his son, DeAndre Hopkins.

2 primetime games for a championship team. What a load of crap. Smdh.

Why in the World are We still giving up a Home Game in order to play in London still Praytell...C'mon Man...Go Jags!!!

What division are we in? Why are we playing the whole nfc east

One prime time game.. very disappointing but not surprised.

This is horse manure for season ticket holders. So you take away the Eagles game from me. You know, the defending Super Bowl champions. And if I want to go I have to spend a couple of thousand dollars to fly to the freaking United Kingdom. You give me a Thursday night home game against Tennessee for the 10th time in a row. Then, a golden opportunity to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving especially since the Jaguars are the only team in the NFL to never play on Thanksgiving, and you give me a bunch of 1 p.m. games instead. How do the F-ing 49ers have 5 Prime Time games compared to the Jaguars one primetime game? I'm not counting that crappy Thursday night game against the Titans for the 20th time as a Prime Time game. Screw you NFL.

Of course the colts Baby cries both times

Alright, already punched it into my calendar. Still wish they had a sync feature on the schedule. GO JAGS!!!!

Why do people care about Monday night games so much lmao just sit down and watch the dam thing when they play

So pumped for SNF. Jags v Steelers used to be a night game at least once a year when we were in AFC Central.

Interesting way to show the Jaguars' 2018 schedule.

Can't wait for the Cheatriots! #revenge #gojags #DTWD

At Dallas I'm going and to Kc. Considering I live in NW ark

Wow only 2 prime time game for afc championship team wow

Wyd give me a schedule not where I have to watch something twice

Why is Bryce not in this commercial????? Lisa Smithson Lammons

Such an embarrassing schedule release. Absolute fail, Jags.

I like the schedule, especially with a side of NFL ribbing!

LOL @ Jalen Ramsey being the TEXANS's DADDY HAHAHAHAHA

The Miami Dolphins outfit was perfect! 😂😂😂

Jax got shafted! Only 2 primetime games!!! And only 1 at home!

Claudia is now star see her in Titans & Dallas jerseys

This is super adorable!!

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2 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Members of last year's championship Durham Bulls team reflect on a memorable experience and what it means for our major league future. ...

3 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Watch Jaguars Thursday LIVE from EverBank Field. ...


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We might grab one in 6or 7 it’s not a priority..., but if Jackson is on the table rnd 4 you gotta take him his style matches our offense

Those new uniforms put me in a foul mood this afternoon

My only legit criticism of the new units is that there’s no trim on the numbers. Makes it look a little plain I think. Other than that, I think they’re fine. Go Jags.

Its mine i said it first!!! TEALLY TEALLY!!! Go Jaguars!!!😎💯💯🏈🏈🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

I just threw Dez out there to stir the pot a little lol. But I don’t really think we should get him either honestly. He wouldn’t be a good fit I don’t think

We need a dB wr dL and ol I think we’re good at tight end but mark Andrews or Haden hurst would be nice

If Jackson is there 3rd or 4th i think we should take him he’s comparable to bortles should fit in as a backup

They’ll be hard pressed to make it back to the playoffs honestly, but they can do it. Just gotta focus in.

The numbers do look unfinished with no outline

I hated the new logo both times they changed it but I like the new one best now you’ll get used to the unis

Tony always treats JP that way! It's part of their on-air persona

Lol Dez probably wouldn’t be good in our WR room

Smooth and Mickens really hit it hard off season training wise

New Jersey’s will be cooler... literally

Good point Tony, but taking a break is not that bad

Glad I got my Campbell jersey this past year.

More class than you jeff,,,, but that's easy

Well the views certainly died out lol

Bortles needs to learn to throw the face!!!

Who's jersey sells out first next week?

I want 9 jerseys.....and I aim to get them

will 1 of the top five LB' s be there?

I like the sound of Teally Teally!!

They left out Michael Strahan

Yea Jeff Poz was the greatest

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3 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

WATCH: Jaguars Thursday LIVE from EverBank Field. ...


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Efforts are underway to get more buildings downtown with teal lights so JacksonviLle will be known to everyone passing through Jax in the evenings will know for a fact this is TEAL TOWN.

Luv tony for those efforts that was a scary time we could’ve lost this team smh

Colors don’t win games. We need to keep our players. Tired of getting jerseys and the following year they leave.

Never say anything bad on the Khan..he is helping make this city relevant..

Jacksonville jaguars are champions better than those patriots

I'm sad to see the jags shield logo gone. It was a great way to express military appreciation.

Yes it will Tony...always called it Everbank and probably always will...old habits die hard lol

Tony believes in the jags. SB bound this year baby WERE HUNGRY!!!

Not crazy about the new uniforms. I liked the old 1s but with the new helmet

Look the teal jersey has returned with a look both new and ancient.

“Everbank” is so much better than “TIAA Bank” lol

Who cares what name of the stadium is.

If they're winning, they will look good in anything...

Edin, all teal only 3 times a year.

Love the colors.. Carolina blue my fav but teal is my second🏈🏈

the new helmet is UGLY, Last year's helmet was much nicer

Benager Everbank was sold to TIAA

But wat I’m saying we could’ve got a new owner that wanted to relocate

Send some heat up here to Pennsylvania please

It really started with TC. But of course he had to be hired 😊

I don’t see the classic aspect of it

Looks like the Panthers Baby Blues

Why they changing the name of the stuidum

It will always be the BANK

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A closer look at our new look 👀 ...

A closer look at our new look 👀


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-Need stripes on pants. -Need outlines on numbers. -MAKE TEAL THE MAIN COLOR.

If TC was a major influence on the design then he needs to stick with what he knows and it ain’t designing uniforms.

Since when is the heart by the left shoulder and not in the middle of the chest?

As long as the helmets are 1 solid color. Black, Gold, or Teal. Please, never do that 2tone sht again!

Jesus you people would complain about anything they did.

I just wanted black with teal #s and teal with black #s and to maybe bring back the jaguar whole body on the sleeve like they used to have but with the new logo..but nooo..I get this boring jersey

Nope. Go back to the drawing board this is awful. Now I know why the players seemed to fake it when they got to see them first.

Boring. No matter how many times you post it, they are boring.

We all know why the players faked to be excited on video.

On the bright side, the better jerseys go on sale this year lol time to get me a Teal Jalen

I like them. They are fresh and simple . Makes me look at the team more seriously instead of those bright college uniforms last year

They are fine. They were going for a more simple look. Teal and black are our colors. So what'd yall expect? The more going on the worse they look.

I wanted simple and plain but I wasn’t expecting THIS simple and plain!!! They are ok I just feel like they could have done a lot better.

New uniforms look fine. But,...TEAL NEEDS TO BE PRIMARY!!!

At least we didn’t sign our main food vendor and they aren’t open on Sunday!

The black helmets are a breath of fresh air, but why do the numbers look like they are practice field quality with no actual pop to the uniform? Reminds me of high school football where the coach made you earn the right to getting better looking gear...or an unlock system in a video game progression.


Oh man, the whining... for Gods sake, the helmet has finally been painted. Who cares about anything else!

And to think I've been complaining about shoulder pain, I guess it's been my heart all this time.

Well will just win the Superbowl while looking plain as hell

Nice but plain. Would like to see something more striking , like the Seattle uniforms...only with teal and black...

So, its black with a tiny smidge of teal? Basic af

Our jersey sales are going to plummet this season. That’s almost a guarantee... whether you like them or not.... most fans are just not gonna be in a hurry to buy such a plain jersey...

My expectations were low when I heard the word “traditional” even though we are a team with not much “tradition” compared to the original NFL teams so the rollout did not disappoint, they are plain, simple and to the Point but what’s surprising is the teal pants with the black jersey is really pretty sharp, figures that’s not a combination being shown. Oh well in the end it’s not the jersey it’s winning the game.

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7 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

We live in Florida. We all need this Car Sun Shade presented by FDOT. Get yours Saturday. atmlb.com/2vyNdxM ...

We live in Florida. We all need this Car Sun Shade presented by FDOT. Get yours Saturday. https://atmlb.com/2vyNdxM


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We are going to the game Saturday and will be enjoying our Car Sun Shade! Go Rays!

That is very cool, that is something they should mass produce and make available to order.

Just wondering what Cash must be thinking since the Reds cleaned house this week.

Don’t worry...there will be plenty left over.

Carmen Tallon Monroy when can I get one?

Why should we buy anything with the logo on it when STU won't spend money putting a good team on the field!!!!!!!

Lynne Daboll If you go to the game on Saturday....I really want one of these!! (Gotta represent...even up here in Gatorville.)

You know it’s bad when your sunshades are the only reason why people go to the game!!!!

I only respect the Devil Rays. They haven’t been the same since.

We'll be there! 👍 See y'all on Saturday ☮️ #LetsGoRays #LetsGoBolts

I like this, might have to go to game to get one. Go Rays!!

Ray's up? Not on the score board. It's actually sad... fundamental baseball is out the window. It's not hard. Being great is hard. Winning by playing fundamental (high school rules) baseball is not.

Ray's down

Ugh...then EVERYONE will know I’m a Rays fan...😳

Let's get this done win win win ⚾️Rays up !

I would use that if it weren’t for Win loss loss loss loss loss loss loss loss loss loss loss win loss loss loss loss

Love it...too bad we are in Jacksonville 😐

Wish there was some other way to get this

You going Saturday Nicole?

Rays down very very down...


Too far away



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All black, high-gloss. Just how we like them.

See more: jagrs.com/UniformReveal

All black, high-gloss. Just how we like them.

See more: https://jagrs.com/UniformReveal


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Nooooo new school new era. I liked the black faded into gold. 😒😔

All that whining about helmets and we finally got a good one in exchange for terrible uniforms...

Changing the helmet is the only thing I cared about so I’m happy lol

Like the helmets, the new uniforms wouldn't be so bad if the numbers on them were outlined in gold or teal

Good thing it’s not 90 degrees at game time, oh right, never mind

As hot as it gets here, you'd think they would at least change the color of the helmet!!! I mean don't get me wrong, I like it, but the players probably hate it

Oh God, the teal one looks like an adult onesie.

I love it! But dang it man! Our black and gold helmet look like a warriors helmet... By the way, if you have any extra of the old one's, feel free to contact me! I've been trying to weasel my way into a "real" one of those since they came out... GO Jaguars!!!

Unfortunately this is the best part of the new uniform. From the neck down they look like practice jerseys used by a high school.

Why isn’t there any gold??? The gold is what made us unique and was an amazing accent with the teal and white! These look unfinished, like more could be done. Helmet is ok. Logo could be bigger.

Bring back the original uniforms

Mediocre... I’m a fan of Matte Black it’s a distinct look... the Half Black half gold was a stretch... but it was unique... now they’re just like every other bland NFL helmet. But at least they have a better game than Uni’s

Back to the classics. The new logo looks so much better on this helmet.

Not happy! Those two toned helmets was the best ever made! Well at least I can get a replica for cheap now lol

Miss the two tone already!!!! We could have at least made them matte instead of the super glossy bowling ball look

Win, then who cares what they wear!

Well at least the helmet looks nice 👍🏼 😻. Uniforms.... not so much 😼

I'm really glad they changed em and went more traditional. Being from Cleveland... the BROWNS should take note and return the same way. The unis look Great! I'm also glad they got rid of the awful faded gold n black helmet

Anything but the mullet helmets 🙌🏼

It’s good but so was the gold

Everyone saying these are new, are new people to Jacksonville bc these are the old helmets we already had before the gold.... can we get something really new and actually cool!

Wow. That looks so much better than the Black and Gold helmets

I like the old helmet and uniforms better. The new uniforms are to plain. And if they wanted to change the helmet why not like teal or something with color since the uniforms are so monotone

Winning games has nothing to do with the uniforms. We still made the AFC Championship game with what we had last year. #JAGSNATION

Matte black would've looked nice too

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Teal as alternates and color rush? 🤔

Don’t be surprised if you see them up to 3 times the 2018 season.

Teal as alternates and color rush? 🤔

Don’t be surprised if you see them up to 3 times the 2018 season.


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3 times? Alternate? Was Forever Teal a joke? Teal should be worn 8 times a year! And the only teal on the away jersey is the swoosh. What happened!!

You know what's really sad? That April Fool's Day jersey y'all posted... It looks better. It at least had some personality to it.

Again we get screwed by Nike. They just restyled the Dolphins uniforms and look what they did for them. Ours look like Goodwill redesigned ours. Can Shad not get this right? The teal ones look like six foot teal smurfs. These look great, makes me sick: miamidolphinsuniform.com

If you were going for plain, uninspiring and dull, mission accomplished. Not a fan. One good thing though, I won't be spending money buying one.

I mean come on, when your at the stadium what color do you see the most of? TEAL! Let's make teal the home jersey #foreverteal

I'm just glad we don't look like a freak show on the field anymore . Those two-tone helmets, mustard uniforms, logo in a shield on all of the uni's, heavy leather on the shoulders thing made us look real bad.

On the bright side, looks like the time and $ spent on research and development went well, overwhelmingly very positive reviews so far.. again who gets paid to make these horrible decisions wow, just wow 😔

Forget about the uniforms and go win a super bowl! small market teams worry about uniforms!!! concentrate on the big one!

What a disappointment. Should have stayed with the old Jerseys. The white ones look more like a Raiders jersey than a jaguar jersey.

Just make all the helmet black with the Jag logo, please. Remove the golden paint, makes it look bad. The uniforms are cool. That from a Broncos fan.

Not a big fan on this new color I like the old colors and was ok with the new color a while back but this look like some spandex that wwe wrestlers wear

The teal top should be our home uniform

🐾🐾 I really like the boldness of the Seahawks uniforms. Why can’t neon teal, white and black designs be as bold?🐾🐾

Uniform choice doesnt matter but should stick with traditional colors. Most important issue is putting a good team on the field!!!!

Maybe this is the unpopular opinion but I’m loving these new uniforms. They have a very kick back feel too them. I can dig that.

So basically the team is telling the fans, they're wearing Teal for nearly half of the home games this year. the team even has teal pants...Teal isn't really going anywhere.

People first complained about the old jersey saying it's to much and should go back to simple and now they hate these jersey cause it's to simple lol. I like them a lot

Should be the main jerseys. Black gets hot and more players will cramp up in black. Teal they won't as much

How is it going back to tradition if we only see the teal 3 times in a season? Teal makes us unique in the nfl. No other team has a color even close to teal. Paint the town teal.

I think the color rush should be different than the alternates. I know I'm in the minority, but I actually liked the gold color rush uniforms.

I like it. Glad they went with something simple. All of the so called modern uniforms are too busy. The new Titans jersey looks rediculous

Who cares about the uniforms! These better be the full time helmets. Them half and half ones are TERRIBLE

Honestly I'm split on these. First off I do love the helmets!! I glad they went back to gloss instead of graphite. However, they SHOULD have brought back the helmets from 2009 with the teal gloss in the light. I do like how they cleaned up the uniform but it's a little too clean. At least have gold outlining the numbers, a pant stripe wouldn't have hurt. Some shoulder stripes could have helped. Still it looks good to me so ya still split

Cant we just get the teal jersey with black pants as the default? I remember they had an all teal uniform in the older Madden games even though it didnt exist yet and I still think they're just as awful as I thought they were back then

Are old uniforms back in the day was simple and now you people don't like these jerseys lol. Only thing I would of liked is more gold but I still dig them a lot

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10 hours ago

Tampa Bay Rays

Faria was 💪 against Texas. ...


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Thank you Jake, your win and O's lost we have spent all day NOT last in the AL East. We're not last in the majors either, that belongs to the Reds. ****These are subject to change.

Best game he pitched this year .

OMG not the worst team in the league now! just the forth worst... LULZ

Let's get another W. You can get it done Rays up !!


Great job Jacob

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