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A conservative Parkland student helps set the agenda in Washington

A conservative Parkland student helps set the agenda in Washington


He has already met with President Donald J. Trump once, and plans to be at the White House before and during the March for Our Lives.

Kyle Kashuv, a 16-year-old Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who does not support gun control, had senators like Marco Rubio and White House officials rearranging their schedules to meet with him.

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Do you recognize these people? Police believe they were involved in a hit-and-run Saturday that killed an 80-year-old man. https://t.co/s3pDHxrS1i

7 months ago a federal lawsuit urged the federal court to step in and force state judges to consider defendants’ ability to pay when setting bail. Chief Judge Mahon and Sheriff Mike Williams argue the federal court doesn’t have oversight over the issues.

Seven service members on board an HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter were killed when the aircraft went down earlier this week in western Iraq. https://t.co/EX3GTlAnwL

It’s really foggy out this morning in Lakeland. Be careful on your way to church. @BN9

A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office investigation says septic tanks at Bruce Park repeatedly had problems with protective lids in the months leading up to the accidental death of 3-year-old Amari Harley in a tank during a family outing.

These are the two fatal hit-and-run suspects Tampa Police want to speak with. Any info? Contact @crimestopperstb @BN9

The debris spans hundreds of feet down Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. Police say two suspects took off from the scene after striking and killing an 80-year-old man with their car @BN9

Warmer weather, we gladly welcome you. ☀ https://t.co/540xrQx9Am

This is what’s left of Saturday’s fatal hit-and-run on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. Felix De La Uz, 80, was struck and killed after pushing his wife out of the way of the car @BN9

JUST IN: Last body removed from the #FIUBridgeCollapse rubble, police say https://t.co/KXCcYuos1e

If you love all things Disney, you'll want to check out these colorful stage shots from the Disney on Ice - Reach for the Stars show on Friday night over at the #jaxarena https://t.co/UEqnk9jQD1

Gunman kills 1 at Southern California mall https://t.co/k9MWfbklPg

Tampa Police seek driver in fatal hit-and-run https://t.co/d0RJQjo9uJ

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The Palm Beach Post

🤑🤑🤑 ...

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Probably on it's way to pay off trump.


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When I lived in Meadowland Cove in the early 90's when first developed there were alligators in the lake. One came into the pool and my youngest son thought it was a float to jump on till we saw it open its eyes! That's when we complained to the HOA we needed fencing. Even though the Wellington East club had canoes they stopped using them. My question is it now ☆Free of Alligators ☆ for the safety of the boat parade???

Jennifer Tritch

Shelly Santizo Escobar

Krystal Navarro

4 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

Students have organized a petition to keep him on as a teacher. ...


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He had no permisson to bring his gun to school he hurt 3 students. He needs to be charged loose his pension and spend the resr of his life in prison

6 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

A recent Florida-wide manatee survey found there are 6,131 manatees, down from 6,620 in 2017. ...


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Just wait until the nile crocodile population takes off, they eat hippos so they'll be all over those poor manatees

It still will never be a cold as trumps heart

So what happened to global warming?

Ignorant, obnoxious, entitlement boaters kill more than any cold snap.

Evangelos Katehis

8 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

No injuries to horses or people were reported. ...


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10 hours ago

The Palm Beach Post

“When we saw the billboards go up we said, ‘we’re not going to let them have the field to themselves,’” said Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defend the President. “We will never leave the field of battle and we will be aggressive in our tactics.” ...


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Someone should spray paint a large rendering of a turd on that.

Putin approves.

Anyone up for some paintball games

From a foreigners viewpoint, America is weak and unprepared on so many levels.

For what .......... ?

Love it, would Love to see it. I’m from WPB and love when the President is in town.

Probably paid by 45's campaign....

The field of battle....thank you for acknowledging you are a terrorist.


Yes thank you sir !

Ted Harvey is deranged.

How about a big shark fin and him sinking or better yet being eaten up

I’d like to see him on the back of a Milk Carton..Missing if you see him please don’t call🤪

Great job

the billboard is paid for by thankdjt.com look them up what a crock

Love it 😉

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16 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

Final day in the Big Apple for our second business combine! ...


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So THIS is where they got the idea of releasing almost all our starters!

Forget the business combine, doesn't Ross know TannenBUM is flushing the Miami Dolphins organization down the toilet!?!?

Dolphins will be 3-13 this season. TOTALLY CLUELESS ORGANIZATION !!!!

Robert Quinn looking like he don’t wanna play for our Miami Dolphins

They still gonna make it rain at the nudi bar. Bring back the old logo

Discussing how to grossly overpay someone and then cut them after 2 seasons with nothing to show for it.

Did they talk about how to tank a team properly. Great ways lock up a top 5 pick under pay him then trade him

Worry about being a good football team for the first time in forever.

I hope you get a chance to get over to Slattery's Midtown Pub home of Dolfans NYC John Slattery Justin Slattery

No le entendi que significa eso pero asi🤔

21 hours ago

Coral Gables Museum

How many snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

Trick question! There were actually no snakes in Ireland. The snake reference is considered a metaphorical explanation for St. Patrick driving evil and paganism out of the land. Now you know!

How many snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

Trick question! There were actually no snakes in Ireland. The snake reference is considered a metaphorical explanation for St. Patrick driving evil and paganism out of the land. Now you know!


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There were no snakes in Ireland and it was the glaciers that wiped them out 🙂

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