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87-year-old veteran scammed out of $6,000, DeLand police say

87-year-old veteran scammed out of $6,000, DeLand police say


AWFUL: An 87-year-old Korean War veteran was swindled out of $6,000, thinking he was helping out other veterans.

An 87-year-old Korean War veteran was swindled out of $6,000, thinking he was helping out other veterans.

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10 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

It's been a busy week for the 2018 Rookie Class! Check out what they accomplished on the field and off on Dolphins Daily. ...


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Y’all need to hire Incognito!

Great job tre.......boom Miami nation

Uber promo code' z1i8u'

12 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

The rookie class visited Hard Rock Stadium to meet with the front office staff, see the field they will be playing on and more. ...


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I stand to honor the promise the flag represents. You kneel because that promise has been broken. I stand to affirm my belief that all are created equal, and to fight alongside you for that promise. You kneel because too few stand with you. I stand because we can be better. You kneel to remind us to be better. I stand to honor all that have fought and died so that we may be free. You kneel because not all of us are. I stand because I can. You kneel for those who can't. I stand to defend your right to kneel. You kneel to defend my right to stand. I stand because I love this country. You kneel because you love it too. written by: Andrew Freborg

Too bad the stadium didnt collapse on them..that wuda been more entertaining than their entire season probably!

the empty seats will look the same on game day too..

Best class in years. #FinsUp

This is the absolute worst. They won’t win a game

Get fun out of the way gents- there is LOTS of work to be done before the season starts! Then the honeymoon is over!!!

14 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

It was a busy week for the rookies as the participated in their first OTAs as pros, toured Hard Rock Stadium and coached in their Special Olympics clinic.

Check out the latest on #DolphinsDaily.


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Tannehill is a loser who will be out for the season with an injury by game 3. TRADE TANNEHILL NOW ! ! !

Waiting for the dolphins to follow the New York jets lead. Our freedom can’t be allowed to be trampled on by anyone!

Let go Miami Dolphins

Looking for... Tannehill throwing passes to the new WRs.

I HAVE A DIFFERENT FEELING, this young dolphins unit will be very special for years to come!

Fitzpatrick hopefully he aint a bust

16 hours ago

Miami Dolphins

Three practices complete. One week complete. Keep grinding.



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They’ll be lucky to win 1 game this year.

Artie Lohman watch us grind baby boy

And already eliminated from playoff contention

Fitzpatrick favors grimes.


21 hours ago

Florida's Space Coast

Some of you may be grilling out this weekend, while some of you may be opting for some modern American fare like Pub Americana in Historic Cocoa Village. ...


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What is your address?

I will be down under there in a few weeks. My cousin lives close by and hope to visit and bring some good Queens vibes to ya. Congrats brutha. Many blessings!

Nice introduction to alot of delicious food, thanks!

That mac n cheese tho !

They have a veggie burger thats fantastic too!


Congrads pal!



Nice, Patrick Evangelista! 👏👏👏

22 hours ago

Sarasota Magazine

We’re jumping for joy that the weekend is almost here! 🐬 / 📸: @carycattsphotography ...

We’re jumping for joy that the weekend is almost here! 🐬 / 📸: @carycattsphotography
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