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$8,000 reward offered for information on death of Tampa muralist Matt Callahan

$8,000 reward offered for information on death of Tampa muralist Matt Callahan


The popular artist died after a confrontation at a Tampa bar. His dad is certain he knows who did it -- and wants more people to come forward with information about what they saw that night.

More than a month after muralist Matt Callahan died of head injuries sustained near a Tampa bar, police are still working to determine what happened.

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11 minutes ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

DOZENS OVERDOSE: Police say rescuers were called to a Connecticut park where 76 people overdosed from what appears to be "K2" synthetic marijuana. MORE: bit.ly/2MSUjRV ...


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Od on k2? 76 people? Same place? Fishy....

You need to legalize cannabis everywhere and you will certainly see a reduction in this sort of thing.

It is terrible our EMT's have to deal with people and situations like this. Let them sleep it off because if they survive, they will go do it again.

K2/ spice is where face eating zombies come from.

Wow..si sad

Big pharma just can't stop killing people.

Synthic no wonder. If it was the real deal, no problems...

terribly sad these people have no life,hope the ones that live get it right

76 in one park wtf was it a party

Loan Huynh Ngoc Huynh Huynh Dai Huu

76 isn’t that weird all at one place


Wtf people dont work no more set in a park and get high

Shoulda just shot them on the spot

This just came on my feed possible more today www.facebook.com/53587699329/posts/10156512689804330/

This country is in bad shape.

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2 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

RED TIDE PATROL: SkyFOX is flying over the Gulf beaches including Anna Maria Island to check on the red tide conditions. The latest: bit.ly/2OAj4Td ...


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This is Pinellas County headed toward St. Pete Beach

SkyFOX is flying over Ft. DeSoto

SkyFOX is headed toward the Skyway Bridge

There's some dolphins!

RED TIDE PATROL: SkyFOX is flying over the Gulf beaches including Anna Maria Island to check on the red tide conditions. The latest: bit.ly/2OAj4Td

It says Anna Maria. I have a friend who's a boat captain and he took groups out yesterday neat Shell Key and he said the water was beautiful.

Red tide is a toxic algae bloom that kills fish, dolphins, turtles, etc. It makes breathing for humans very difficult, and stinks. So, so sad this is happening again.

I experienced the last major outbreak in 2005. Hurricane Katrina actually helped to break it up by stirring more oxygen into the dead zone.

It's cyclical and naturally occurring-sailors talked about it in the 1500s-but use of fertilizers makes it worse.

This is awful! I know you're not supposed to mess with nature but come on people, we did this, it needs to be fixed. And someone needs to go gather up the unhatched aea turtle eggs to save the species.

THIS IS NOT NATURAL.......look @ that awful color n still more loss if marine life, wake up u peeps n DO SOMETHING 2 stop this disaster b4 it is 2 late!!!!

Gross. That water used to be beautiful light blue. Ignorant and untruthful to not say the lake o releases are causing the severity of this. Lies. And the media doesn't because of big sugar

@Jane.......no, this outbreak has lasted 4 over 9 months n can b traced back 2 Lake O....do your homework

Sean Jeremy Taylor. Making out to be the end of the world. And its being used for political reasons. Stay safe in Kuwait. Thanks for your service!

Went out to the beach the first day to swim and there was groupers pin fish’s and so many more fosh all over boca grande it smelled some death..

Floridians, tourism, wildlife and God only knows if fresh water wildlife and drinking water is being effected because of Lake O

The "discharge" flow of toxic water from Lake Okeechobee is the culprit. Not the red tide. This is waaay worse.

In the Bible?? You're crazy. I've lived on West Coast for years and we went through this in 1989 or 88.

It’s happened on the east and west coast where they have drains going from lake okechobee into the ocean

What is Florida without its oceans Fix it - this was happening for a long time - where were the wonderful obummer s and Clinton’s

It is not from Lake O. Red tide is naturally occurring with just the right conditions and it’s bad this year. Extremely bad. The blue-green algae blooms are terrible as well. Wreaking havoc further south.

They should call it "black tide flow". ...Latest on the poisoning of our seas from millions of gallons of poisoned water being released hourly from Lake Okeechobee.

People...ted ride is a naturally occurring algae bloom smh. Considered a phenomenal, however unfortunate event

This is not just red tide but also a mix of algae plume that’s been occurring in access this summer.

My family and I are going on vacation there at the end of September. Hope everything will be better by then.

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2 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

RED TIDE UPDATE: Sarasota County Government officials give update on red tide. ...


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There is no red tide reported at Pasco County beaches. Here is the updated map with new respiratory irritation reported in Pinellas: www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/respiratory-irritation-reported-in-pinellas-from-red-tide

RED TIDE UPDATE: Sarasota County Government officials give update on red tide.

The green algae is from Lake Okeechobee!! This toxic algae has effected the toxicity of the red tide. The source needs to be attacked and stopped!!

That Army corpse of engineers already confirmed this is caused from the algae from Lake Okeechobee amping up the red tide

If you fish in any of the areas of Sarasota or Charlotte County, I wouldn’t eat the fish. We have birds and raccoons getting sick😕

The hand brings awareness to the issue. Why be a jerk about it. I didn’t take part but I was happy to see people that cared for our beaches and environment.

wow Sarasota Politician!!! dam you All!!! Hope you are happy with the money in your pockets!!! I will be happy when you all are thrown in the pits of hell!! Marine life will have justice!!!

According to a marine biologist the worst red tide experienced was about thirty tears ago. The green alga in waterways is from lake okichobee

Red Tide is nothing new people! Mother Nature plays mean tricks. Just wish there was a better way to combat it.

If it's not connected to lake Okeechobee why did it start where the river basin drains into the ocean at the gulf?

google lake Okeechobee you can see the sky view of it , you can see the algae infested water flowing out

Lake Okeechobee is toxic they are still daring

Fix Lake Okeechobee now this was a Holacaust I’m tramitized

It’s totally related to Lake Okeechobee dumping.

This is Republican Florida. They've gutted regulator agency funding. It deters tourists, our entire economy depends on tourists...

Talk about Lake Okeechobee!

Sarasota here I work at South Daiquiri Deck and live of 41... I want my rent money back!!

Nutrients drive it. Okeechobee is part. Sewage dumping/leaks are a HUGE part. Nutrients from the Mississippi river also swirl by Florida's western coast and is a HUGE culprit.

Anna Maria Island , Bradenton Beach here

Some beach hotels/condos are not refunding money to tourists who do not want to stay on the beach at this time. Not cool. They are stuck staying on a smelly gross beach.

This bloom started in Oct of 2017

Does this mean Republicans are winning?

Red Tide! I thought this was about the Red Wave 😂.

Are the fish clean to eat? All these restaurants are still selling fish.

Lies. No one is in the water. Who would go in water with stench and death around them.

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STICKING TOGETHER: Orlando police officer Kevin Valencia remains in a coma after being shot during a standoff in June, so the police chief and Valencia's whole squad showed up to step in and escort his five-year-old son to his first day of kindergarten! 💙
STORY: bit.ly/2MSnXGE
VIDEO: Orlando Police Department


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So sad. What a sweet boy God bless his daddy and him. 💔😢

Please dear God, heal this officer in the name of Jesus!

You guys are awesome for this...May our Lord bless Kevin with a return to full health to live out his life and raise his Family...In the mighty name of Jesus!

Father, please heal Officer Kevin Valencia and return him to his family and community, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.


Oh lord this is so sad😪🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

That's what family does

Tears! Prayers his father recovers, and God bless these officers. Awesome thing to do. Please keep all our officers safe.

So sad he was shot, but, love that they stepped in to get his son off to school.

What a wonderful thing to do for that family. How is daddy doing?

It is what real officers do because of what they are made of.

That is so awesome. Praying for the officer and his family.

Truly wonderful for these Police officers to step up to the plate and offer their unconditionally support for their fellow Officer. Dear Father in Heaven, I 'm praying that this little boy's father , knows YOU , AND that you have mercy for him and wake him up from this coma. Thank you , JESUS. Amen

You are all amazing officers.

So sad to see this awful news😩😧I hope Officer Kevin Valencia comes out of this coma soon❤💜many blessings for his family and fellow police officers, the officers all did a great job with their son's first day in Kindergarden❤💜🎈🎈🎈🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Something we all take for granted such a brave little boy 💙

What A Sweet Group of Men. God Bless All The Officers Praying for Kevin.

🙏🏽 For the officer. May he make a full recovery.

Bless them all, 🙏🙏🙏 for his family!!

Wonderful Men in Blue many Prayers being sent😪💔🙏

what a cutie! God Bless

Hope he had a special day!

Thanks for making my day!

that is wonderful !!!

Oh nooo, I thought he came out of the coma. So sad to hear this 😢

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Watch this porch pirate saunter around, taking his time swiping several packages from a Tampa Heights home -- even using a cooler he found on the porch to carry away his loot.
TURN HIM IN: bit.ly/2OGQHmj


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It would be funny if someone put a box out with a snake in it for him to pick up,just saying

The security cameras need stun guns attached

That would have been funny if they had the ring and when he looked at the door they would have said you better run i have my gun and i'm coming out for you!

We need harsher punishments for theft! Apparently they don't work, so just cut of a few fingers.

It amazes me that people are so stupid. Do they not watch the news or have social media?!?! Cameras everywhere and what a great picture of him. Count down your freedom...jerk!

My grandparents order adult diapers and all sorts of goodies like that on amazon. It would b funny if this dude stole some adult diapers. And his punishment was he had to wear them in public!

Good pic someone will know him!

Lucky none of the neighbors light him up. Security cameras are good but.....don't work in stopping a true thief.

Scumbag....hope they get him....this is why we now have cameras....

He should be arrested on just wearing that shirt!!!

People still don't realize how many People have cameras how. Guess that's a good thing. Hope this POS is caught.

Wouldn't want anything, everything simply traded for drugs.

I certainly hope someone can identify him and he gets caught.

Check local bars.....hes a "all dayer"

He is too old to be acting like that!! Someone turn him into the police!! Someone knows him!! I wish the home owners was home .. shot him in the butt as he walked down the steps.

SMILE......We are gonna make you a star....Lights..Cameras.....and ACTION

Love those new cameras in the doorbell that detect motion and sync with your cell phone.

www.theblankbox.com/ this might help with the asshats that wanna steal packages

Catch this guy. Can’t believe people are so stupid to do this!

Pierce Menzer watch this doesn't it remind you of Lou lol reincarnation? Weird huh?

The sound of a siren didnt even deter him


and did your security system notify the cops???

Nice mugshot

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5 hours ago

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

UPDATE: We are now looking at Aretha Franklin's childhood home in Memphis.

REST IN PEACE, ARETHA: We're taking a live look at Aretha Franklin's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "The Queen of Soul" has died at 76. MORE: bit.ly/2OFYv7N


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This is her childhood home in Memphis

UPDATE: We are now looking at her Aretha Franklin's church in Detroit.

REST IN PEACE, ARETHA: We're taking a live look at Aretha Franklin's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "The Queen of Soul" has died at 76. MORE: bit.ly/2OFYv7N

God loaned us a singing angel your legacy of music is beautiful your voice priceless..you have fought a good fight you have finished your course..no more pain..you well never be forgotten..R I H

Memphis Tennessee is where the Queen of Soul was at born at but she stay in Detroit Michigan for many years R.I.P Aretha Franklin!😭😭😢😢😢😇😍😘💖

This will become historical, I thought this was a house and if it was once it’s still the Lord❤️RIH ARETHA... you song real music oh how I’d wish I’d come back. Howto be a lady and have some respect

Much love to our Queen of Soul.Thank you, Sister Franklin, for the music. Rest in Heaven, we will still hear your magnificent gift..your self, and your music. We,love you.

Susan....Memphis....I thought it was Detroit...ok...but sure would love to see that sign in front people!

Very sad. Best female vocalist, ever - hands down. Her music still makes the hair stand up on my arms. Im gonna go abuse my sx-1050 now and listen to her golden voice.

Thank you for your music and making a difference at a time when it wasn't easy. You have earned your R E S P E C T, and you have mine. Sing with the angels and rest peacefully. 😇

Born and raised in rural Alabama this house reminds me of home. This is a sad day may Miss Aretha rest now. Praying for her family that they have the strength to get through their grief.

Pure as gold, rare as a diamond & Gods beautiful Angel. Gonna miss you. But wont forget ya. Our souls have been touched by your beautiful, strong & loving voice. RIP love

She had a beautiful God given talent, was blessed with a great life. Now her ultimate reward is to live with the lord. R.I.P.

RIP Aretha !!!! YOU ARE THE "QUEEN OF SOUL ". You left us with wonderful memories !!!! Sending Condolences to family, friends,and fans all over the world 😭😢❤️🎼

I have tried to zoom in to read the sign but the fence is in the way....I really would like to know what it says....I know it's Aretha's, but it would be nice to see what it says...thank you...

May the Queen Rest In Peace! Love you always and will never forget what you gave to the meaning of Respect! Condolences to the family. 🙏🏽

Legendary Queen Of Soul has transitioned. She has truly left the world with remarkable contributions.🎶 She will forever missed!

RIP You have joined the heavenly, choir, May, our heavenly Father, bring peaceful comfort, to your family, knowing, where you are.

Her and music will be missed. She was a beautiful woman and such a pleasure to watch in concert. Listen to her while serving in Vietnam. RIP.....

Thank you Aretha for leaving us your legacy of music. Loved it from my teens years to present and future. RESPECT always!! 💖🎵

Deepest sympathy for her family she was an amazing woman she will be missed. May her memory be eternal.

We thank God for her life and for the gift of music He gave her which she shared with the world. Prayers for the family

You are and will always be the Queen of music, what a sweet woman with alot of power, you have earned your wings fly high sweet angel

Aretha may be in Heaven, and resting in Peace, but she lives on in our hearts and her voice still echos in our ears.

Loved her music. I always will. Rest in peace beautiful lady and Thank you for sharing your songs with us all.

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20 hours ago

Crestview Bulletin

[SPONSORED] Are you looking to achieve your degree? Take advantage of Northwest Florida State College's small class sizes, low tuition, online courses and six convenient locations! Apply today by calling 850-678-5111 or visiting nwfsc.edu. ...

21 hours ago

City of North Miami Beach, Florida

Social Media 101 for Municipalities ...


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Super Event!


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