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1 dies after condo building catches fire in Pompano Beach

1 dies after condo building catches fire in Pompano Beach


CONDO FIRE: An 80-year-old man was found dead in his home early Tuesday after a fire broke out at a condominium building in Pompano Beach, authorities said.

A condominium building caught fire early Tuesday morning in Pompano Beach, leaving one person dead and about 100 residents displaced.

WPLG Local 10 / Local10.com: http://bit.ly/2DnFhO8

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4 hours ago

Miami Herald

Senator Marco Rubio and Miami-Dade officials speaking from site of FIU bridge collapse ...


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These are the victims of the FIU bridge collapse t.co/Fbolo2i2Ni

Why would you do a stress test on a new bridge without the center structural support and allowing people to drive under it while preforming the test. I mean we have some stupid people here in Miami...

You were never considered as senator. Didn’t vote for you and now won’t ever. Poor leadership and ashamed of being Considered Cuban

Be respectful and give the first responders an opportunity to speak, as they put their lives on the line for you everyday.

This was a tragic ACCIDENT. I see no need in name calling. I’ll save my thoughts for the families of the victims.

Does Rubio really matter? How immature can you all be. This is about the horrible accident that has happened n the lives lost.

if i make the mistake of not paying my rent, I have to answer for it. if Gimenez and Munilla made an egregious mistake, shouldn’t they answer for it?

stop telling us how ineffective you are Rubio

Don't want to hear this. Update on cars n victims

why are you talking budget or money?

Amazing for years Rubio has been a no show now he's popping up everywhere...

Why does Rubio think he’s in charge?

I’m so glad that live in Broward and never have to drive down there.

Whose going to pay for this miss is irrelevant @ this point. I thank Senator Rubio taking time to speak...he’s done much more than our mayor.

does he have any dignity left? This is a criminal who should not ever ever be allowed to speak in Florida. When he does it is all about him!

My deepest condolences to all the families...May God help each and one of you throughout this difficult moment..I pray you all get justice.

rubio you really are teaching us how the nts works ? Please get real

My prayers are for all the families. This so sad. The world is getting worst day by day.

First responders wouldn't have been needed if these people followed better safety protocols...

Are the mayor son's gimenez expressing his condolences s well there well tied to mcm?

Thankfully the families can be reunited with their loved ones. Such a tragedy

Those responsible for this shall be prosecuted I hope

Prayers.. when will the debris be picked up & open up the area ?

Why they took two days to remove the cars??

Please explain who is going to pay for all this mess?

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7 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

We're thinking seafood for dinner! 🦐🐟🦐

📷 @catnoble84

Were thinking seafood for dinner! 🦐🐟🦐

📷 @catnoble84


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My favorite place in Pensacola to get seafood!

I order online shipped for my favorites. Shrimp, gumbo, & oysters! Can't beat the quality. Since I moved to south Florida I will never give up my Joe Patti's. Nothing compares down here!

Went shopping there today for the great Salmon and cooked it on the grill!

Every time we visit my mother in law we go always come back home with goodies

Awwwwwwwwwwww.......mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn shesh! Ya killin' me here❣❣❣❣❣

One of my favorite places !

That place is so awesome.

Time to revisit!


Yeah I know that's right!

I ❤️ Joe Patti’s!!! 🦐🦀🦑🐠

The best

Judi Warren... any idea

Amberlee Courtney Butler...

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9 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

Taking a look back: The Rex Theatre opened on November 21, 1937. The building was a conversion of a former furniture store by architectural firm Yonge & Hart of Pensacola, FL.

📷 @kristinleighward

Taking a look back: The Rex Theatre opened on November 21, 1937. The building was a conversion of a former furniture store by architectural firm Yonge & Hart of Pensacola, FL.

📷 @kristinleighward

13 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Only 1 hand needed by Keelan Cole for the top catch of the 2017 season. ...


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Y'all act like bortles is complete trash.. 2017 mighy be the first time he's had a team behind him. Still didn't have og t.e's. Practically new receeving core.. A line that still struggled to make holes for a run game...

Another reason why it's imperative that we get a competent QB! Had any of the DBs been closer to Cole, he could've been injured with a big hit. Great catch!

I hater Bortles... Great catch cole!!! I can't believe we resigned this trashy behind quarterback....

Terrible throw (as always). Our receivers working hard to win, despite Bortles.

This is way we don't need arob we need a qb

Terrible throw by Bortles, great catch by Cole!

This is exactly what any QB needs a WR that makes plays, not every throw is going to be on target. WR need to make the hard catches too!

With Lee, Cole, Westbrook, Moncrief and possibly Hurns... we'll be alright at receiver without A-Rob. Especially if ASJ can contribute at TE.

Sitting there at the game watching this, you heard it hit his hand. Good thing nobody was around because he was fully exposed to get rocked. Great catch either way

Eric Nelson looked like me and you 😀

#KWCPANTHERS #84COLE #JAGUARS Owensboro KY is proud of you!!!!

Lets see alot more of that next season. Go Jags.

Cole could have a big year this year. He was Pretty clutch in the playoffs

Nick, in case u forgot bout our boi Keelan! 😏

Is it September yet

DTWD represent also support the boy @ youtu.be/ZfZCNH8Row0

I really like how he did last year, looking forward to another great year

I wish we had Sexton back, Frangie is awful. Guy is a joke.

Cole We Gonna Need You This Year

Same number as Antonio Brown 🤔

lets go jags

love 84!

Der Mann ist ne Waffe! Andrew White

Tommie Johnson III

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13 hours ago

Visit Pensacola

The Grand Marlin of Pensacola Beach -- Their version of the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich = 😋

📷 @bttm_eats

The Grand Marlin of Pensacola Beach  -- Their version of the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich = 😋

📷 @bttm_eats


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Not close to a real philly cheesesteak.

Angi Nickell Harris potential place to try?!

14 hours ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

It's all coming together for 2018. ...

Its all coming together for 2018.


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He is a BIG upgrade at the TE position compared to Ben Koyak, and O'Shaunacy. I'm thinking he has a Career best season.

We still need more help at WR.

Oh no, no no no.......send him back to the Jets please.

How great would this offense be if we had a competent QB!!!!!!!

This guy has a lot of potential. Could end up being a great signing.

I wish this guy the best of luck. But I hope this doesn't mean that Jacksonville is not going to draft a tight end.

As long as he doesn't get anymore DUIs

50 catches for 350 yards and 3 tds ain't gonna cut it though.

You better believe it. Don't bring anything less than your best to this organization, and us, fans. #DTWD #DUUUVAL #2019NFLCHAMPS

The man runs bail out routes... we need this in the offense... should be a good addition.

I sure hope so !

Toren Vanderhorst

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1 day ago

Jacksonville Jaguars

Name on the NFL's largest outdoor video board...👌 ...


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Ok it's safe 2 say we will Draft a QB in the 1st or trade down and get a QB in the 2nd rd

Sign Norwells brother's too!!!

Welcome to Sacksonville.

Welcome to the JAGS 💖

Welcome to t he Jags pleased to have you with our team

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Go Jags ! Looking forward to a SUPER year !


sign the whole family. OH!!

Welcome to Jacksonville Glad to have ya

Jag Nation 🐾

Best offseason move so far by far!!!!!

Let's win a Super Bowl!

Welcome to Duvall


Andrew White

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Last offseason Tom Coughlin said that he wants more toughness.

Adding Andrew Norwell brings it.

Last offseason Tom Coughlin said that he wants more toughness.

Adding Andrew Norwell brings it.


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Fournette gets injured and it all unravels no?

Now to grab Will Hernandez at RG so we can have the best offensive line in all of football.

playing 4 quarters tough would help, especially the last 2 minutes before halftime. great yeas though!

This is comparable to bringing in Campbell last year and so far is the best off season move by far!! Great job Jags! Keep it up.

Yeah, Well it was Very noticeable that like second half of AFC Championship Game, The Jaguars Pressure was like NO pressure, and could've Won the game i believe if you Stayed with what you did in first half, NEVER GIVE PATRIOTS an INCH ! WHEN YOU PLAY THEM, ALWAYS NEED TO KEEP PUTTING UP POINTS, and KEEP UP PRESSURING THEM, and Ramsey and Company couldn't make the plays like they did in previous games, Something didn't SMELL 💩 right in Second half, For Jaguars to lose !! But all in all, Jaguars you just about had the Big Dance Finally after all these years, Now this year, DO IT UP STRONGER and GET TO THE TOP !!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 JAGUARS

I like him already

Hello,how U

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